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The Worst Orphanage:

The Worst Orphanage The Worst Orphanage

At First :

At First At first, the orphanage was really harsh. They didn’t feed them or give them water. Having them sleep in urinals and never changing their beds. The kids being to weak to go to the bathroom. After a little while children were just dying. No one knew about it or heard anything. The children were to weak to run away. They were to weak to try to find help.

Sleeping Conditions:

Sleeping Conditions When the children would try to sleep they weren’t comfortable at all. They had urinated there bed because they were to weak to get up and try to use the bathroom. They slept in it and became sick from the pneumonia of it.

Food Conditions:

Food Conditions Most of the children didn’t eat at all because the orphanage ran out of food. Any child that didn’t eat had to find something to eat outside like thrown out scraps from the bottom of the pan. A lot of the children had to eat out of garbage cans just to rest there stomachs .

Water Conditions:

Water Conditions The children didn’t drink water at all. Any time they did was when it was a rainy day. When they ate, they chocked down there food. Most of the time the children died from chocking because they had no water.

The Solution:

The Solution One day an inspector came by. The women their had no idea it was time for that. When the men arrived, they were shocked. One man fell out. They seen the horror of children, innocent children just suffering from no food, water, and poor bed conditions. Babies, new born babies so sick from the day they were born they had nothing to eat. It was all so horrible. The bright side is on that very day the inspectors arrived, it all ended. All the women and the owner of that orphanage went to prison for in some ways abuse. They could’ve called someone. But they didn’t. every little soul in their finally had a better home and food going into their body along with water. And they finally rested in peace.

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