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At Breath of Bliss Academy, we offer Breathwork Facilitation Training, Mindfulness Training, and Breathing Meditation & Exercise. Contact us today!


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200 HOUR BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING Practice energetic hygiene speaking blessings and creating beauty. Create a self-care routine of shakti awakening practices so you are an authentic guide. Do you want to feel more love Are you hungry for more connection Are you passionate about awakening Create a Sacred Space Use the structure of our "11 Waves of Bliss Template" and the "Bliss Activation Blueprint" to design seamless transformative experiences. Cultivate magnetic presence. Practice awareness techniques to feel emotions and unspoken feelings in the space and respond with care. Facilitate Transformation Face your inner critics while holding a tender loving space for others. Discover if you can accept yourself or if your self-love is based on performance. Awaken your body as a role model to inspire others to do the same. Connect to the Earth and Sky and lead through your own embodiment. Teach by Transmission Gain mastery leading 7 different Ecstatic Dance and Dynamic Meditation Practices to invite full body rapture. Practice setting up and leading "Heart to Heart" Sharing Exercises to soften hearts and create bonding. Cultivate Connection Combine breath with eye-gazing intention setting and touch as you prepare the group for the hour long lying down journey.

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Learn the chemistry of breathwork how it releases dimethyltryptamine creates altered states of consciousness spiritual realizations and breakthroughs. Experience masterful demonstrations and 10-15 breath works. Deepen your personal practice then lead the group through all parts of the ceremony. Soothe the Soul Release the urge to fix change save or heal. Bring all of you the shadows and the light so you can fully welcome what arises. Practice letting your heart speak while also mastering time management and progression skills. Learn to come from "inner authority" instead of "inner apology". Guide From Essence Create compelling soundscapes with music rhythm NLP and your full vocal range. Use the "Loop of Awareness" technique to stay centered connected and present no matter what is happening in the space. Sensitively Support Learn how to hold space for catharsis triggers dissociation and other forms of nervous system activation and also how to de-escalate ground and integrate. Learn how to use a microphone source music a website promote with social media choose a venue price and promote your classes train assistants and collaborate. Build a Thriving Business Receive Breath of Bliss logos and your own professional teaching photos taken onsite to promote yourself immediately TEACH BREATH MOVEMENT AND SOUND b r e a t h o f b l i s s a c a d e m y g m a i l . c o m