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Get your Class a Cdl training with our Punjab truck driving school in Utah. Contact us for Fresno:- +1-559-835-4100 & for Utah:- +1-435-477-7711.


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THE BEST TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL IN UTAH Get Class A CDL training from the best in business. America needs truck drivers. As long as there will be supplies in stores there will be trucks on the roads. And with the ever-increasing demand for goods the demand for drivers to drive these trucks has also been rising. For those looking for a future in the trucking business acquiring a CDL license is crucial. For getting a Class A CDL especially for vehicles with a gross weight of 26000 pounds training from a reliable truck driving school for Class A CDL training is one of the few mandatory steps. Although the process may seem a little exhausting while on it once you finally get a CDL all the pain is worth it. In this blog we shall discuss a few important steps that are required for getting a CDL license and also how to find the right Truck driving school in Utah and California. Punjab Truck Driving School Utah and California is a truckers paradise before starting a career in the industry. The school has graduated several drivers who run successfully in their chosen field of work. The trainers at our school work with the only objective of transferring maximum skill and knowledge to students and ensuring that our students pass their driving tests within weeks of training and obtain their CDL as soon as possible. A CDL is a verified and certified document that allows you to drive commercial trucks on highways and so if you want to build a profession in trucking it is an absolute need for you. Now here are a few things that you need to know before getting your Class A CDL.

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What are the requirements to get a CDL Class A CDL is a license that allows a driver to drive a vehicle of a gross weight of not more than 26000 pounds. Usually the trailer and tractor of such vehicles is detachable and the trailer weighs more than 10000 pounds. While applying for a Class A CDL there is a list of documents that need to be submitted. These documents include- 1. Identification Proof- Your identity and birth details must be accurate as the protocol says that a driver must be 21 years old to drive across states and at least 18 years to drive within the state.

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2. A medical report- A medical report mentioning all basic tests and disease or illness if any is required. This is important to check the fitness of the applicant for driving a truck. 3. Social Security Card- Along with these documents your social security card and documents are required. These documents are to be shown in original and not copies. 4. CDL test results: A proof showing your successful passing of the CDL test is the final document that needs to be submitted for getting a CDL License in Utah or California. How to become a licensed truck driver Once you know what needs to be done to get a Class A CDL here are a few steps that also need to be kept in mind before actually starting to work professionally. • Getting a commercial learner’s permit. Just how a regular license is required while applying for a Commercial Driver’s License a learner’s license is also a major requirement for which you need to be 18 years and above. You also need to get through a written test as well as a vision test. Once these are done the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV issues your commercial learners permit.

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• Getting trained by a truck driving school. This step is where we come into the picture. No job can be done without proper prior training and as far as truck driving is concerned you cannot get a CDL without having graduated from a truck driving school. Punjab Truck Driving School is the most trusted driving school in and around Fresno welcoming students from all over the country. If you wish for quick- learning and professional training then you need us. • Passing the road test and getting your license. After getting Class A CDL training from a driving school what needs to be done next is to apply for a real CDL. You need to take your class of vehicle that you would be driving for inspection before the DMV issues your actual CDL. You might also receive an interim CDL which lasts for 90 days before the real license is issued.

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Be all set for your driving career. Once all the above formalities are duly met the road is yours to cover and the money is yours to make. Punjab Trucking School California and Utah promises to be your guiding light and support throughout this journey and get your career in a truck driving career on track. Learn from the experts in the industry and get your license within a few weeks of training. An exciting journey is waiting for you.

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