Material Requirement Planning

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Material Requirement Planning:

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Introduction :

Introduction Material Requirement Planning or MRP is inventory control and computer-based system of production planning. Material requirement planning is concerned with the control of inventory as well as scheduling of production (Fleischmann et al., 2015). MRP controls the level of inventory and ensures that there is enough level of required materials is available when needed. MRP is a very important system which is applicable in conditions of numerous items with complex bills of materials (Fleischmann et al., 2015).

Objectives :

Objectives To ensure the availability of products, materials, and components for the purpose of planned production as well as for client delivery To attempt to keep the lowest possible inventory level To plan purchasing activities, schedule the delivery, and activities related to manufacturing Material requirement planning is particularly suitable to manufacturing settings where the demand of many of the subassemblies as well as components depends on the demand of objects which face demand from outside. The demand is independent of the ends items or finished products. On the other hand, the demand of the components which are used in the production of end items or final product is dependent on the demand of the final products (Fleischmann et al., 2015). .

Types of MRP system:

Types of MRP system There are three types of MRP systems; Inventory Control System Inventory Control and Production System Enterprise Resource Planning System

Key Points:

Key Points Material Requirement Planning is especially used to manage the level of inventory for the demand of the dependent items or components (Guillaume et al., 2017). The following are the key points; A Material Requirement Planning is an information system which helps in managing the inventory level of dependent items or components (Guillaume et al., 2017). The MRP system helps in keeping enough level of required materials to support the manufacturing of the products. It is used to control and plan to manufacture of inventory items of dependent


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