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Digital Storytelling:

Digital Storytelling by Brandy Heller

What is digital storytelling?:

What is digital storytelling? Combining storytelling with technology Typically last 2 to 10 minutes Can be used to recount personal stories, create stories, retell historical events, give instructions, share knowledge, and more Students can work individually or in groups The possibilities are endless.

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story:

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story Choose a Topic

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story:

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story Story Circle Storyboard Storyboard

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story:

Example Guide to Creating a Digital Story Use a digital storytelling tool to combine pictures and narration Share completed project


Advantages Provides an engaging way for teachers to introduce new topics to students Gives students a creative way to complete assignments instead of the traditional paper and pencil essay Many free mobile apps and Web 2.0 tools Teaches students how to analyze, synthesize, and collaborate Teaches students the steps of the writing process

More Advantages:

More Advantages Can be incorporated into any subject Incorporates literacy into other content areas Project can be saved in the cloud or online and worked on from home Easily connects to the Common Core Standards


Disadvantages Not many mobile apps that are android based Could be time consuming due to limited amount of computers and iPads available Teachers may not have the necessary technology skills Technical issues with program, internet, or equipment

Uses for Digital Storytelling:

Uses for Digital Storytelling Presenting new information to students Retelling a historical event Students teaching students Sharing information Creating a story

Digital Storytelling Tools Web 2.0:

Digital Storytelling Tools Web 2.0 Voicethread – Upload still images or video clips and add audio through a microphone or telephone. Viewers are also able to add video and audio comments. Megograph - Uses Google Earth in the creation of map-based and timeline-based narrated stories. WeVideo - Web-based video editing program that can be used to mix together images, text, audio and video clips to produce digital stories that can be collaboratively developed, shared and discussed online. Click on Web 2.0 above for more Web 2.0 digital storytelling tools.

Digital Storytelling Tools Mobile Apps:

Digital Storytelling Tools Mobile Apps Blurb Mobile (iPad & iPhone) - allows you to sequence photos and videos, add audio or background music, crop, rotate, and sequence the photos within the app to create a short story. Also has numerous effects to choose from to add creativity to your story. Com-Phone Story Maker (Android) - allows users to combine photos, audio, and text to create stories. Also allows up to three different layers of audio, so voice narration and music can be added together as well as an additional audio. Click on mobile apps above to browse more digital storytelling apps.

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