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Tired of trying mosquito repellents but still fail to protect yourself against all the mosquito bites? Goodknight’s indoor and outdoor mosquito repellent is an effective solution to get rid of mosquito bites. Mosquito bites can make you sick as disease epidemics from viruses spread by mosquitoes are happening more often in India. Click here to know more.


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Why Efficient Mosquito Repellents Are a Must Understand Mosquitoes March 26 2019 ‘Prevention is always better than cure’ and it implies that you should take necessary ‘precautionary’ measures at the right time so that you don’t need to follow any measures to ‘cure’ the problem. Though this applies to every aspect of our lives it is apt when it comes to diseases since you never know when a simple health issue aggravates and becomes a huge problem. This proverb aptly fits when you talk about mosquito-borne or vector-borne diseases. In some parts of India mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria Chikungunya Lymphatic filariasis and Japanese encephalitis are of great

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concern but residents need to take ‘preventive measures’ to ensure that their loved ones are away from the trap of such diseases. It is not only in India but even in other developed developing countries where diseases caused by mosquito bite is on the rise and the best way to let them know about the consequences of deadly mosquito bites is via sending the right message to its citizens. Health Officials in all countries recommend the usage of mosquito repellent products like mosquito repellents. However the search for the right repellent can be a daunting task since you need to decide whether you need to opt for DEET N N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or not to DEET. DEET is slightly yellow oil and the most common ingredient in insect repellents. It provides protection against bites of insects ticks bugs leeches etc. There are many studies that have revealed that products with DEET can be safely applied on the skin. However it is recommended to be used only when you are outdoors but indoors you can use more effective mosquito protection product like insect or mosquito repellent. Let’s answer the simple question ‘Why use Mosquito repellents’ Mosquito repellents – Why use them Close to a million people die each year due to mosquito-borne diseases. Though this is a global figure it is an alarming and concerning figure. Mosquito bites can lead to diseases like Dengue fever Malaria West Nile virus etc. and products like mosquito repellents mosquito coils mosquito vaporizers mosquito mats mosquito creams can act as ‘protection agents’ to keep mosquitoes ticks bugs away from your home and its surrounding areas. Since many citizens are concerned about the health implications by contents used in insect or mosquito repellents Insect Repellent Awareness Day is celebrated in some countries to decipher the myths about how to repel mosquitoes. We are sure that by now you have figured out the advantages of having mosquito repellents. Most of the adults have a good immunity system but babies have a developing immune system. If you are a parent you need to take care while carrying your new-born or infant outside by using mosquito protection products like ‘Mosquito Patches’ Mosquito Protection for babies and infants As a parent you would be highly concerned about the health of your baby and this is where tailor- made mosquito repellents for babies can be of great use. Since you need ‘mobile protection’ for your baby you can opt for mosquito repellent for babies which come in Patches. So Mosquito Patches from known brand like Goodknight have been certified by pediatricians as ‘Baby Safe’ and are made of 100 natural ingredients. They provide protection for close to 8 hours and can be used for new- born babies as well as infants. For new-born babies you can apply the patch on prams cots or stroller and for babies older than 2 months you can apply the patch on their clothes. You should

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ensure that the patch is placed at a location which is not in their reach else they might tend to remove the patch . These patches come in fun designs and protect your baby from harmful diseases like Dengue Malaria Chikungunya. Conclusion Goodknight Mosquito repellents are proven to be number one protection mechanism from the mosquito menace. Mosquito bites can cause itching on the skin and it is best to keep them at bay. While stepping out of your home you always check whether you have carried your mobile phone we advise that you also carry ‘mobile protection’ against mosquitoes. Mosquito Repellents at home keep deadly mosquitoes at bay

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