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Brainwonders Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans. Online Aptitude Test for Students - online website for practice tests and other resources. IQ Test Centre - excellent guide to psychological testing provided, Online IQ tests prepared by experts.


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BRAINWONDERS Head Office:101-A , Suchita Enclave,  Chandavarkar road , Jai Maharashtra Nagar,  Borivali West, Mumbai   Contact No.: 022 4016 3399 Email: [email protected]


Left Hand Thumb   Inspiration of Leadership / Goal and Vision Index Space and Mind Imagination / Thinking and creativity Middle   Feeling of Touch / Art appreciation Ring Acoustic Feeling / Music Appreciation Little Visual Feeling / Graphic Appreciation Right Hand Thumb   Communication and Management / Planning and Judgment Index Logic and Inference / Language ability Middle   Physical Recognition / Comprehension of Operation Ring Hearing Recognition / Comprehension of Language Little Visual Recognition / Comprehension of Observation

Parents to Understand:

Parents to Understand Sending their children to multiple classes regardless of their talent & interest is not the best approach It is a high cost action yet does not provide any solid solution It also makes the children over-stressed Can their children can absorb as per the input? We all have some talents No one has all talents