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Military Reconstruction : 

Military Reconstruction Why was the U.S military sent into the South after the Civil War?

Do Now : 

Do Now Read the short article below about the war in Iraq, and answer the questions that follow: 1. Why did America invade Iraq? 2. Why are American soldiers still in Iraq? 3. Do you think that American soldiers should leave Iraq, or stay until “Iraq is peaceful?” Why?

Notes : 

Notes 1. After the Civil War, Congress amended the Constitution to make sure freed slaves received equal rights. 2. However, racist Southern whites used violence against freed slaves. 3. In 1867, Congress passed a bill that sent federal troops (military) into the south

Notes : 

Notes 4. The military was asked to: A. keep the peace and protect black people B. oversee the writing of the new state constitutions in the South C. make sure state ratified the 14th amendment OK, Southerners. Write your new state constitutions…but I’ll be checking them..

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6. After the military took over Reconstruction, blacks were: A. allowed to vote

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B. able to serve in state and national legislatures

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C. allowed to get married, go to school, and travel

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The American Army withdrew from the South after the Compromise of 1877

Notes : 

Notes The Compromise of 1877 said: A. Federal troops would leave the South B. The government would give the South money for railroads and improvement projects

Document 1 : 

Document 1 “Our first critical step … was to register voters according to guidelines established by Congress. We registered all adult males, white and black, except those who had ever sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and then engaged in rebellion.… Final registration amounted to approximately 59,633 whites and 49,479 blacks.” --General Phillip Sheridan

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Document 2

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Document 3

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