5-Regular vs Radical Abolitionists

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Regular vs. Radical : 

Regular vs. Radical Abolitionists VS

Do Now Survey : 

Do Now Survey 1. “Slavery is absolutely wrong, no matter what.” 2. “It’s OK to use violence to get what you want.” 3. “It’s OK to use violence if it will save other peoples’ lives.” 4. “It’s OK to use violence if it will set people free.” 5. “Violence is never OK.”

Notes : 

Notes 1.As we learned, questions about what laws should be are called issues. 2. Abolitionists believed that slavery should be made illegal. 3. There were two kinds of abolitionists: Slavery should be……? ILLEGAL! LEGAL! South North

Regular Abolitionists : 

Regular Abolitionists A. Regular abolitionists believed that slavery needed to be stopped using politics (getting abolitionists elected.) Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner Truth, two of the most famous regular abolitionists.

Radical Abolitionists : 

Radical Abolitionists B. Radical Abolitionists thought the only way that slavery would end was through violent force. 4. A radical is someone who has very extreme ideas about changing society.

Notes : 

Notes 5. In 1850, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act. The Fugitive Slave Act said that slaves that had escaped to the North could be captured and sold back into slavery in the South.

The Fugitive Slave Act : 

The Fugitive Slave Act Posters offering money rewards to catch runaway slaves in the North.

Reactions to the Fugitive Slave Act : 

Reactions to the Fugitive Slave Act Both of these pieces of propaganda make the slave catchers look like the criminals.

Reactions to the Fugitive Slave Act : 

Reactions to the Fugitive Slave Act A poster showing runaway slaves being attacked by their hunters.

Notes : 

Notes 6. In response to the Fugitive Slave Act, regular abolitionists began to put together a political party that was dedicated to ending slavery. 7. A political party is a group of people who have similar ideas about how our country should be run. A gathering of regular abolitionists who are meeting to form an anti-slavery political party. POWER IN NUMBERS!!!!

Notes : 

Notes 8. Radical abolitionists, though, began to take violent action against slave owners and the government that protected them. Radical abolitionists with weapons getting ready to violently free slaves by force. John Brown, a famous radical abolitionist who we will study soon!!!

Choosing a Side: Regular or Radical? : 

Choosing a Side: Regular or Radical? Now that you have heard about the different ways that abolitionists tried to end slavery, its time for you to decide which side YOU would join. We will split between regular and radical abolitionists and create our own propaganda. First, lets review what each side believes, and how they would convince others to join their side using writing and posters.

YOUR TASK (for both sides) : 

YOUR TASK (for both sides) TASK #1: Write down what your party believes in. TASK #2: Draw a propaganda poster that will make people want to join your party. TASK #3: Write a propaganda speech that will convince people to vote for your party

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