EMI Design, EMC Design, EMC consulting, EMI consulting BY Bose Researc

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Bose research provides Emi design, emc design, emc consulting, emi consulting for helps to design to the customers. They are also providing R and D services.


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EMI Design, EMC Design, EMC consulting, EMI consulting BY Bose Research:

EMI Design, EMC Design, EMC consulting, EMI consulting BY Bose Research http://www.boseresearch.com/

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Bose Research  is a rapidly growing company providing R&D Services in Power Electronics with embedded / analog controls to technical specifications, product cost, reliability figures etc., as predefined by our Global Customers. After developing production-able prototypes that meet predefined Specifications including EMC/Thermal/Safety etc., complete technology is transferred to our Customers. We do not do any manufacturing and our Customers always own the developed technology. With our wide range of specialist expertise, there are few design challenges beyond our scope. Not only do we provide engineering excellence, but we also use our range of Intellectual Property building blocks to deliver market- ready products within time and budget. Our strengths include development of Power Electronics, Custom Power Supplies , Analog Circuits , Digital Power, Solar and Renewable Energy, EMC and New Product Development. About Us http://www.boseresearch.com/

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ Bose Research   is a center of excellence for providing innovative technology in Power Electronics. Since our beginning in 1992, for more than 20 years we have been developing breakthrough innovations in diverse Power Electronics Application areas such as medical, energy generation, lighting, industrial, telecom etc . Presently we are a limited company with funding from shareholders who have both technical & financial capabilities to provide extensive support, whenever necessary. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India. In recognition to the research commitments, The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Government of India, has approved us as an R&D organization since 2003 . We believe that research fuels technology, and only superior technology can lead to superior products. Each of our designs reflects an uncompromising commitment to delivering the best of today’s cutting edge technology. Our researchers are constantly searching to uncover the next technological breakthroughs that will help our customers succeed. We maintain an exceptionally strong commitment to research, for it is within the discipline of research that yesterday’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality. We support our research by reinvesting 100% of our profits back into the company. Our Company

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ EMC Consulting EMC Design EMI Design EMI Consulting Services provided by Bose Research

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ SMPS Design Consulting R&D services and outsourcing Power Supply Design

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ Culture & Values Openness & Respect : Understanding the views, ideas and feedback of our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders and adapt for the better. Integrity : Always be honest, open and do what is right and fair. Being honest, ethical and above reproach with everybody and with our stakeholders in all our business dealings. . Creativity & Innovation : Challenge the known and believe in the unknown. Making investment in our people and business to realize the most from our creative ideas. Passion for Excellence : Have a relentless desire individually and collectively to be the best in our business. What is excellent now is not excellent forever.

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ BOSE RESEARCH PVT. LTD. Head Office # 1, KVC Complex, 5th Main Road, RMV Stage-II, Bangalore 560094, INDIA Tel. +91 80 2341 9658 Tel. +91 80 2341 9278 E-Mail: [email protected] Contact Us

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http://www.boseresearch.com/ Thank You Visit Us @ http://boseresearch.com/

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