Opportunities for Fundraising Bookfairs

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Opportunities for Fundraising Bookfairs Schools today are looking for new and exciting fundraisers every year. One of the best tried and true ways to raise money for your school is to hold a bookfair - bookfairs not only contribute funds to your school, they also encourage literacy amongst your school population. Bookfairs have been a staple of the school year for many schools for generations, and Bookworm Central - at www.bookwormcentral.com - is one the most experienced bookfair companies on the scene, having been serving the DC metropolitan area for over 20 years. Bookworm Central brings all the enthusiasm of an established bookfair , along with the ability to customize your bookfair to the needs of your school.

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There are many options when planning your Bookworm Central bookfair as well - there are traditional onsite bookfairs as well as online bookfairs , BOGO bookfairs , and STEM bookfairs . You have the ability to customize your fairs as well, adding titles or subjects that are popular for your school. Feel free to contact Bookworm Central at www.bookwormcentral.com to set up your next wonderful bookfair !

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