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The Affliction of Addiction is a book on the topic of addiction. It is the amazing and unique book for addiction treatment. This book provides the proper & accurate ways to recover from drug, alcohol, heroin & other addictions. Buy now for you or your loved ones who are suffering from any of the addiction.


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THIS BOOK IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT OR NEED ANSWERS It is now possible to peek inside the brain and identify differences between people who develop addictions and those who dont. As a result researchers have confirmed that some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. This matrix explains the role these factors play in the development of chemical addictions. The Affliction of Addiction you will learn: Adam McArnold is an expert in chemical addictions. He is a clinical therapist who has spent a decade in full-time study of past and current research. In doing so he has uncovered an understanding of addiction that is truly revolutionary one that is unparalleled in its ability to explain all the little nuances and phenomena that have plagued and puzzled addiction experts for centuries. NEW HOPE FOR ALL THOSE STRUGGLING WITH ADDICTIONS - A GUIDE FOR EVERY STUDENT AND PROFESSIONAL Includes Charts Diagrams "A solid review of addiction theories and treatments..." - Kirkus Reviews From the Author I want people to get a better understanding of chemical addictions sothat depending on who they are they will be: more forgiving of thosewith addictions more effective in treating those with addictionsbetter able to cope with people with addictions more willing to acceptthe illness and seek treatment and better equipped to teach othersabout chemical addictions. I want to end all the controversy andconfusion within the field and unite us all in the fight againstaddictions in prevention as well as treatment and recovery. I want toput an end to the stigma of addiction so that all people start torealize that this is a real illness not just people behaving "badly." About the Author Adam McArnold MS CRC CASAC MHC is an addictions counselor who lives in upstate New York. He has over twenty years of experience in chemical addictions. Throughout the years he has had the opportunity to study residential inpatient and outpatient treatment modalities all of which appear to fail miserably in providing any real measure of success in the treatment of chemical addictions. Finding this realization disheartening he dove into all the new research being done examining new discoveries while reexamining older research. Before he knew it a more comprehensive view of addiction started to materialize a conceptualization based on the plain fact that psychotropic substances affect and impact everyone differently. This fact though well accepted and accounted for in the administration of pharmaceutical medications is not considered when it comes to treating and making sense of addictions. After applying this new understanding in practice its effectiveness was more than obvious. He found it to be incredibly powerful and a need for change was apparent. As a result he knew what he had to do - pass it on. Page 2/358 How to effectively apply these new scientific facts The benefits and barriers to its proper application A greater appreciation of biological predisposition

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