a tale of jerusalem

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A Tale of Jerusalem:

A Tale of Jerusalem Edgar Allen Poe


Setting Place- The third temple of Jerusalem, and Mount Zion Time- 3941(jewish years) Quote- “LET us hurry to the walls," said Abel-Phittim to Buzi-Ben-Levi and Simeon the Pharisee, on the tenth day of the month Thammuz, in the year of the world three thousand nine hundred and fortyone--let us hasten to the ramparts adjoining the gate of Benjamin, which is in the city of David, and overlooking the camp of the uncircumcised;”


Characters Simeon Abel-Phittim Duzi-Ben-Levi - All subcollectors of the offering


Plot Conflict- The three friends must pull the offering up the mountain side in time for the offering, before the sun goes down. Complication- The must pull the heavy load of whatever the offering is, up the mountain side which they cannot see due to a thick mist that has enveloped the mountain side Climax- They begin to run out of time as they are due to bring the offering by the end of the day Conclusion- After pulling the basket all the way up, they find it holding a hog, wasting all of their time and effort. (Hogs aren’t Kosher)

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