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9 Circles of Hell About Love:

9 Circles of Hell About Love


People who can’t figure out if they want to be in the relationship or not. These people should probably figure out what they want to do instead of going back and forth. But they are almost there. If they never get figure it out they will continue to do the same thing. Limbo


People often get this mixed up with the other four letter word (love) Just because you are attracted to a person doesn’t mean you love them. Lets not get it confused, it’s lust people. If people can’t get this term correct they will be stuck in a storm full of hurt and wishful thinking. Lust


Sex is not the only thing you do in a relationship! Sometimes relationships get ruined because someone is wanting sex all the time. You will be forced to go to rehab and take all necessary actions to change. Nymphomaniac


These are people in the relationship that only want money and nice things and the whole relationship is fake. This also goes for the people who think they are too good to be with anyone but themselves. They will have to carry around their big cars and their over sized diamond rings. Avarice

Wrath :

This is the controlling relationships and abusive. They get in a big fight and the victim will finally fight back or maybe they will fight back by going to the police. Wrath


These are the people that are shaking up and never getting married. They will continue to live like that. Heresy

Can’t Live:

These are the people that were in a relationship that didn’t work and thought they couldn’t live without someone. They tried to commit suicide. Their soul will still feel the pain of being along. Can’t Live


Saying someone messed around with a person that is not apart of the relationship. Fraud

Break Up:

Breaking up with a person that is in love with you would be the worst feeling in the world, this is the ultimate sin. Break Up

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