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I Believe you can be anything you want to be. I believe with god there is nothing that you cant accomplish no matter what the obstacle is. I believe people freedom of speech is important. I believe everyone has a equal opportunity to go to college. I believe graduating from high school is one of the biggest changes people goin to have in their lives. I believe people should stop trying to have babies at young ages. I believe everybody is on earth for a purpose. I believe going after what you want means a lot about somebody character. I believe freedom is important. I believe you should never forget who you are.

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I believe with my parents support I will meet all of my goals. I believe going to Orlando for college is a great descision for myself instead of Tallahasee. I believe im going to travel the world before I die. I believe that my family is going to be successful with my support and encouragement.

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I believe me playing sports is not over but just put on hold. I believe im still a champion I believe I will do great in any sport I feel like pursuing. I believe if I keep working hard cant nobody stop me. I believe God has the last say so in my future.

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