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Mattress buying guide - Read the PDF preferred by experts at Bonobed ( and get complete knowledge about Bonobed mattress. This PDF contains every detail that makes this mattress best for your back. MattressThatMatters - Mattress with is made for Perfect harmony of comfort, pressure relief & support


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Established 2017 M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Mattress that matters Purposeful purchase for a peaceful sleep night after night.

slide 2: W H O W E A R E "Bono Sleep is a sleep technology venture started by Dr. Mayank Pahwa that’s dreaming its way to success. Our flagship product is a precisely passionately engineered astonishingly comfortable mattress. Its proprietary sleep surface was developed in-house in Boston using human centered design by clocking in more than 5200 hours of testing. It has a gorgeous design and is delivered in a small box. It enables and improves Deep Sleep activity Slow Wave Activity REM sleep. No bells. No whistles. Pure science that feels looks great

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Best mattress for better sleep better back. Bonobed mattresses are engineered  to provide restful nights of sleep with optimal deep sleep REM sleep. We make the most innovative mattress sell it directly to you at honest prices. M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Why Bonobed

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Cool gel based memory foam layer contours around the curves and distributes body weight evenly. Lively latex layer provides the bounce needed to prevent you from sinking in. Pressure relieving memory foam protects your joints so you can wake up happy everyday. Sturdy supporting layer provides long lasting support. Made with ultra premium materials without any harmful cancer allergies or earth destroying chemicals. M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s About Our Mattress

slide 5: M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Curbing Infant Mortality At Bono Sleep we are working on making innovative products and services that can help reduce infant mortality rate. We are committed to reducing global infant mortality rate from 4.2 Million deaths per year to less than 1 Million deaths by 2025. Our team is working on innovative ways to protect babies against tropical vector borne diseases like malaria dengue zika virus fever and others co-sleeping related infant deaths.

slide 6: M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Perfect harmony of comfort pressure relief support

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Mattress Materials Plush comfort layer: Gel based memory foam Premium high density Precisely contours around High motion transfer isolation High airflow with ambient feel Resistant to temperature change Orthopedic support layer: Latex foam Premium high density Great orthopedic support Supports all sleeping positions Very high airflow M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s

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Mattress Materials Pressure relief layer: Memory foam Premium high density Optimum pressure relief to joints High airflow with ambient feel Resistant to temperature changes Basal support layer: Polyurethane foam Premium high Great support Balanced firmness Sturdy and durable M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s

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Measurement Single/Twin: 72” L x 36” W Queen: 78” L x 60” W King: 78” L x 72” W M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Buy Single Mattress Buy Queen Mattress Buy King Mattress

slide 10: M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s Reach Us Here Bono Sleep WeWork Forum DLF Cyber City Phase III Sector 24 Gurugram Haryana 122002 +91 99585 18500

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M a t t r e s s T h a t M a t t e r s PURPOSEFUL PURCHASE PEACEFUL SLEEP We are working hard to find innovative ways to save lives of infants. Every mattress that you buy help save lives of precious little babies Contact Us

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