Civil War & Reconstruction

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Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877):

Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877) By: Alexis Bollman

Lives of those who VS.:

Lives of those who VS . Escaped from Slavery Commonly known as free blacks Lived in constant fear of being slaved Suspected holding fugitives Enslaved peoples Primarily in the South Small farms, large plantation, cities/towns Considered property enforced by violence Lower south Primarily cotton plantations

Lives of Free Whites:

Lives of Free Whites ¾ of Southern whites did not own slaves Those that did 88 % owned 20 or fewer Yeoman farmers did not own slaves

Northwest Ordinance:

Northwest Ordinance “Chartered gov’t for N.W territory, provided method to admitting new states to the Union, and bill of rights for territory.” Effects on banning of slavery: Protected civil liberties Outlawed slavery in new territories IE: MICHIGAN FREE STATE


Sectionalism Excessive regard for sectional or local interests Regional or local spirit, prejudice, etc.


Nationalism Devotion and loyalty to one’s own nation Patriotism


Federalism Theory or advocacy of federal principles of dividing powers between members units/common institutions

State Rights:

State Rights Political powers reserved for U.S gov’t rather than federal gov’t

Breaking News Review from the Coming of the Civil War:

Breaking News Review from the Coming of the Civil War ¾ of those living in the south did own slaves? TRUE OR FALSE

Civil War:

Civil War North-South shoot, Civil War reenactment, October 14,1951 via Flickr, Public Domain

Roles of African Americans in the Civil War:

Roles of African Americans in the Civil War Black soldiers and regiments First turned away End of war 179,000 in Army & 19,000 in Navy Increased resistance of enslaved people


Reconstruction Early response to end Civil War Policies of Freedmen’s Bureau to coordinate effects to protect rights of former slaves Provided education/medicate Oversee labor contracts between exslaves & employers Restrictions Racial segregation & black codes

Resistance of Southern Whites to Change:

Resistance of Southern Whites to Change Frustrated with policies so resulted in intimidation and violence Meaning reaffirming white supremacy KKK Targeted Republican leaders & blacks The Force Act & KKK Act: Enforced 14 th & 15 th amendment Outlaw use force preventing people of vote

13th Amendment:

13 th Amendment “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside” Protect rights of native born black Americans Prevent state government from denying citizenship to blacks born in the US

14th Amendment:

14 th Amendment Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude expect punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duty connected, shall exist within the united States, or any subject to their jurisdiction Never uses form slave= “such persons”

15th Amendment:

15 th Amendment Last “Reconstruction Amendment” Prohibits against discrimination against voters on basis on race or previous condition.

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