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College athletic recruiting tips.


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ICAC Sports:

ICAC Sports “ICAC Sports objective is to help athletes find a university with athletic scholarship so they can pursue their academic and athletic goals.”

College Athletic Associations :

College Athletic Associations There are 3 different college athletic associations. NCAA: National College Athletic Association NAIA: National Association Intercollegiate Athletics NJCAA: National Junior College Athletic Association

Sports with Athletic Scholarships :

Sports with Athletic Scholarships Track and Field Basketball Baseball Fencing Soccer Golf Field Hockey (Women’s) Volleyball Waterpolo Gymnastics Ice Hockey Swimming Rowing Ski Softball Tennis Rifle American Football

Requirements For College Athletic Eligibility:

Requirements For College A thletic E ligibility Amateur status as an athlete Record of athletic participation in a competitive level Basic understanding of the English language High school diploma If you pass all these criteria's, studying as a student athlete should be an option for you! Check out NCAA Eligibility Center

Why You Should Join ICAC Sports:

Why You Should Join ICAC Sports Over thousands of Coaches have access to our database The college athletic recruiting profile is where the students athletic resume will be accessed by Coaches. It includes: Highlights of athletic achievements Athletic Video (Training and Competition) Personal Information Academic Information Pictures School Transcripts Contact Information

Benefits of going to college as an Student Athlete :

Benefits of going to college as an Student Athlete Great facilities and practices for developing in your specific sport. You receive equipment from the school so you can play your sport. Get medical care and treatment from trainers. You can pursue a professional career in your sport after college. You can obtain a professional job after receiving a college degree.

College Athletics for International Student Athletes:

College Athletics for International Student Athletes Studying in the United States with athletic scholarships is a great opportunity for international athletes who don’t want to quit playing their sport but at the same time want an higher education. This opportunity doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, at the same competitive level as it does in the U.S . The many advantages of studying in the U.S. as a Student-Athlete include: You receive an Athletic Scholarship, basically the university pays you to represent them in athletic competition. You get a valuable education and a degree while still being active in your sport at a competitive level. You learn to speak and write perfect English . You can specifically choose the direction of your education (major).

Contact ICAC Sports:

Contact ICAC Sports Thank you for taking the time looking over this information feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Visit us at /ICAC Sports Team Community: College Sports Forum Copyright © 2012ICAC. All rights reserved