Here’s all about vitamin A and its health benefits

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Vitamin A deficiency is likely a much bigger problem than is often discussed. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant. So here we listed some benefits of Vitamin A.


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For many of us, having a healthy diet is ensuring that do not indulge too much into takeout or junk food. However, we may be jeopardizing our diets by not consuming nutrient rich foods which is needed in our bodies. One nutrient that is crucial is Vitamin A, a fat-soluble compound . Experts recommend that men have 900 mcg of Vitamin A, while women have 700 mcg and children and adolescents have 300-600mcg of Vitamin A per day.

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There are two types of Vitamin A compounds- Preformed Vitamin A  or the active form of vitamins are found in animal products like chicken, fish, meat and dairy . Provitamin A  or the inactive form of the vitamin is found in plants .

Protects The Eyes Against Night Blindness And Age Decline:

Protects The Eyes Against Night Blindness And Age Decline Let us now see the various health benefits of Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is needed to convert the light that comes in the eye into an electric signal for the brain. If you do not have enough Vitamin A in your diet, this can cause you to have night blindness or nyctalopia. This means that the person can see well during the day, but at night she will face difficulty in picking up lower light levels. In the end, if you have the right amount of Vitamin A, you are prevented from having night blindness and the decline in your eyes health is arrested.

It Lowers The Risk Of Some Types Of Cancers:

It Lowers The Risk Of Some Types Of Cancers

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Vitamin A helps in the growth and development of the cells of the body. Many studies have shown that Vitamin A has helped to reduce the risk of developing deadly cancers like Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the cancers of the cervix, bladder and lung. It is seen that having Vitamin A from plant sources helps to reduce the risk of cancer, but the same cannot be said for animal sources.

It Boosts The Immune System:

It Boosts The Immune System

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Vitamin A helps to maintain the body’s immune system. It helps to maintain the production and function of white blood cells which clear the bacteria and pathogens from the system. In many developing countries, correcting Vitamin A deficiencies has ensured that children do not contract deadly diseases like measles and malaria.

Boosts Bone Health:

Boosts Bone Health

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For maintaining healthy bones, you need to have good amounts of nutrients like Protein, calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin A in your blood, you are at greater level of getting bone fractures.

Helps In Healthy Growth And Reproduction:

Helps In Healthy Growth And Reproduction

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Vitamin A helps to ensure that both men and women’s reproductive system is healthy. For women who are pregnant, Vitamin A helps to ensure that the organs and bones of the unborn child develop well. These include organs like the eyes, liver and pancreas as well as the unborn baby’s skeleton and other parts of the body.

Vitamin A Reduces The Risk Of Acne:

Vitamin A Reduces The Risk Of Acne

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Acne is a condition where the sebaceous glands of the skin collects dead skin and oils. These acne spots are generally harmless, but they can make the person have low self esteem, depression and other disorders. There are various medications of Vitamin A that help to reduce the risk of acne, especially in severe cases.

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With Vitamin A being so crucial to our health, it is no doubt that we need to have  vitamin tablets for glowing skin  without acne for some time now. Natural skin care products enhanced with Vitamin A are also extremely popular amongst people who want to ensure smooth and glowing skin.

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