Everything Know About Various Vitamins, Nutrients & Their Benefits

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Here's find out different Vitamins and Nutrients which are needed for staying healthy and fit. We need to have all the right nutrients in the right quantities.


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Everything Need To Know About Various Vitamins Nutrients Their Benefits

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For staying healthy and fit we need to have all the right nutrients in the right quantities. If there are limitations to these quantities it can result in an unhealthy body and even in various chronic and lifestyle diseases. Some people take Multivitamins And Mineral Supplements to get over this while others try to maintain a good balanced diet. Whatever the way you choose youcanstayhealthybybuyingfreshfoods fromOnlineHealthFoodStores. BelowarethedifferentVitaminsNutrientstheirbenefits.

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Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential for maintaining good vision aiding the development of babies in the womb and also to help and nurture your immune system and your organs. It also lowers the risk of you getting various types of cancers . Vitamin A is found in various sources-meat chicken fish and dairyandalsoinvariousplants.

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Sources of Vitamin A

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The Vitamin B group ThereareatotalofeighttypesofVitaminB. They play a crucial role to help us turn the food we eat into fuel help us concentrate better and let us have a sharper memory. They are help us relax to reduce the feelings of anxiety low mood and stress. You can get your daily recommended dosage of Vitamin B from various whole grainseggsandleanmeats.

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Sources of Vitamin B group

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Vitamin C Vitamin C is crucial for helping to quicken wound healing and to reduce the chances of bruising. You can get your Vitamin C from oranges lemons kiwis and strawberries. Vitamin C also helps to keep coldsatbay.

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Sources of Vitamin C

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Vitamin D Vitamin D is a regulator of the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body thereby helping to ensure optimum bone density. Vitamin D is also needed for the smooth functioning of the immune and nervous systems. You can get Vitamin D easily from the sun. There are various products from where Vitamin D is available these include milk and dairy productsfishandfortifiedcereals.

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Sources of Vitamin D

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Vitamin E Vitamin E is known to help combat free radicals which can damage our cells. It is needed for maintaining the skin immunity and eyes. Sources of Vitamin E include PapayaAvocadoandMango.

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Sources of Vitamin E

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Vitamin K Vitamin K helps to ensure that Blood clots. This is especially helpful if there is an injury and the blood flow needs to be stopped. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin K from vegetables like cabbage cauliflower spinach broccoli and asparagus.

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Sources of Vitamin K

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Calcium Calcium in proper doses are required for the proper maintenance of our teeth and bones. It is also needed for regulating muscle contractions hormone secretion and maintaining the blood pressure. You can get your Calcium from dairy and dairy products.

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Sources of Calcium

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Iron It is needed to ensure blood cells are produced and that haemoglobin is produced for delivering nutrients and oxygen to the entire body. With it the body produces hormones and collagen. You can get your daily dose of iron from lentilsandbeans.

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Sources of Iron

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