Early Battles in the Civil War

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Warm-Up : 

Warm-Up Do different coaches have different coaching styles? Explain.

Early Battles in the Civil War : 

Early Battles in the Civil War Confederate Victories in the East Union Challenging in the West

Learning Target : 

Learning Target I can explain how the results in the East and West differed and who was responsible for those differences.

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Welcome to Steeler Country You can’t catch me! Thanks Mr. Harrison! Let me show you how to do some real target practice!

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Recap : 

Recap Lincoln is pressured into sending troops into battle Very little training prior to battle Confederates win at Bull Run Union troops run Leave all their supplies as they go Lincoln vows to avoid making the same mistake Appoints General George McClellan to command the Union Army in the East

George McClellan : 

George McClellan Known as a great organizer Trained soldiers for battle Too cautious “All quiet along the Potomac” Lincoln got annoyed “If McClellan is not using the army, I should like to borrow it.”

Strategy Change! : 

Strategy Change! First battle on southern ground Bull Run Lee wanted to move fighting north to Maryland Crush Union morale Harvest time Take supplies from the North Plans mapped out for an attack in Maryland, but…. …a soldier dropped the plans and they fell in the hands of the Union Big mistake!

Antietam : 

Antietam Even with the plans, McClellan waited! Finally the Union attacked September 17, 1862 Bloodiest day in American history 23,000 casualties Dead + wounded = Casualties No clear winner Lee went back to Virginia McClellan didn’t pursue them

Next Up: Fredericksburg : 

Next Up: Fredericksburg December 11, 1862 Ambrose Burnside vs. Robert E. Lee Confederates withdrew to a treeless hill Burnside attacked uphill 6 times Attack repelled 6 times High casualties for the Union: ~12,600 ~5,000 for the Confederates This was one of the Union’s worst defeats in the war

Chancellorsville : 

Chancellorsville Joseph Hooker became new commander He raised morale of the army May 1863 Hooker vs. Lee Confederates outnumbered 2:1 Lee outsmarted Hooker and won a huge battle One problem though Stonewall Jackson was killed by his own men

The Mississippi River Campaign : 

The Mississippi River Campaign Part of the Union plan called for taking control of the Mississippi Ulysses S. Grant was in charge of this Captured Ft. Henry and Ft. Donelson Major battle would soon begin Battle of Shiloh

Shiloh : 

Shiloh April 6, 1862 Surprise attack! Day 1: Confederates win Grant is encouraged to retreat by other officers He responds: “Retreat? No I propose to attack at daylight and whip them.” He received reinforcements and the Union won Very bloody battle ~20,000 killed or wounded Meanwhile New Orleans was won by Union Mississippi no longer usable by the Confederacy

Target Practice : 

Target Practice How were the results different between East and West? Why were they different? Who is to blame or credit with the different outcomes?

Additional MSQ : 

Additional MSQ How do you think soldiers felt after terrible losses? How do you think soldiers felt after great victories?

In Summary… : 

In Summary… Confederacy winning in the East Union winning in the West Defeats were demoralizing for both sides Life of a soldier was difficult! The longer the war drags the less popular it becomes Lincoln needed a new way to increase support for the war What could he do?

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