Election of 1860

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Warm Up:

Warm Up What makes one presidential election more important than another? (Think about why the Election of 2008 seemed much more important than the Election of 2004.)

The Election of 1860:

The Election of 1860 Slavery or Civil War?

Learning Targets:

Learning Targets I can explain how the Election of 1860 led to a split in America. Lets get some target practice!

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Wilson Airlines

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PITT Direct Hit! Go home West Virginia, you stink!!


Review America was slowly separating in the 1800s Particularly the 1850s Slavery was the main issue Compromises were made, but greater conflicts in the 1850s pushed them beyond being able to work together


Background Many Northerners demanded an end to slavery Many Southerners demanded that slavery be protected by the Constitution This election was going to be very important!

Most Important Issue: Slavery:

Most Important Issue: Slavery Candidates focused their campaign on this one issue It caused the Democratic party to split Northern Democrats vs. Southern Democrats A new party was formed to look for new compromises The Constitutional Union party Lets meet the candidates!

John Bell:

John Bell Constitutional Union party Formerly a Whig from Tennessee Slavery Position: Make a compromise We must keep the Union together!

John Breckinridge:

John Breckinridge Southern Democrat From Kentucky A Slave State Slavery Position: Slavery should spread to new territories!

Stephen Douglas:

Stephen Douglas Northern Democrat Senator from Illinois Slavery Position: Use Popular Sovereignty

Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln Republican Illinois Slavery Position: It is a moral, social and political wrong However he did not promise that he would end it

And the Results Are….:

And the Results Are…. Drum Roll Please!

Election Results:

Election Results Popular Vote 13% 18% 29.5% 39.5% Electoral Vote 13% 24% 4% 59% Lincoln Douglas Breckinridge Bell

The Winner is….:

The Winner is…. Abraham Lincoln Wait! Wasn ’ t he against slavery? How could the United States elect him if Southerners wouldn ’ t vote for him? Lincoln wasn ’ t even on the ballot in 10 Southern States! The North and the South were split, but… There were more voters in the North than the South His election officially causes a split in the nation We will discuss what in particular happens tomorrow!

Mental Sweat Questions:

Mental Sweat Questions Your favorite time of the day!

Which brain is yours?:

Which brain is yours?

Put Yourself in Their Shoes :

Put Yourself in Their Shoes Imagine you are the following people after the Election of 1860. Write down how you would feel, and what you would do after Lincoln won the election.

Slide 25:

A president was just elected who you fear will try to end slavery. A Southern Slave Owner

Slide 26:

You were just elected to office even though half of the country does not support you at all! Abraham Lincoln

Slide 27:

Not only do you fear that slavery will be taken away, you also fear that your political influence is gone! A Southern Politician

Quote Explanation:

Quote Explanation Explain what the quote below means: “ A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the house to fall - but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. ”

Connecting Past and Present:

Connecting Past and Present Look at the map of the Presidential Election of 2000 and identify similarities and differences between that election and the Election of 1860.

Target Practice :

Target Practice Explain how the Election of 1860 led to a split in America.

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