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Warm-Up What is the difference between a hero and a terrorist?

John Brown:

John Brown Hero or Terrorist?

Learning Targets:

Learning Targets I can explain what John Brown ’ s goals were in going to Harpers Ferry, Virginia. I can explain why John Brown is considered to be a hero by some and a terrorist by others.

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Entrance Welcome! Innocent People Bad Guy

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Review By the late 1850s sectionalism is at a high point in America Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 Uncle Tom ’ s Cabin (1852) Bleeding Kansas (1856) Dred Scott Supreme Court Case (1857) Something bad is going to happen soon! Will it be secession? Will it be a war?

Key Figure in History: John Brown:

Key Figure in History: John Brown Important abolitionist in America He was a man of action To understand him you need to understand his early life! We better get to our time machine!

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Satellite TV Welcome to the year 1800! Now that ’ s better!

The Life of John Brown:

The Life of John Brown Born to abolitionist parents in 1800 Married twice His first wife died He had 20 children Many died before adulthood Throughout his life he failed in business time and time again Sometimes because of bad decisions Sometimes because of bad luck He was very stubborn His honesty was never questioned though

John Brown as an Abolitionist:

John Brown as an Abolitionist Believed he was called to end slavery by God And that he should do so by any means necessary! He was 100% against slavery Not just in talk, but in action Helped to lead freed blacks Farming in the North Led Pottawatomie Massacre His first abolitionist act of violence By 1856, he began planning a new attack to end slavery

Plan to End Slavery in America:

Plan to End Slavery in America His plan was to…. Attack an arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia Arsenal = Weapons storage Give the stolen weapons to slaves Start a slave rebellion Kill slave-owners and end slavery Sounds easy right?

Plan in Action:

Plan in Action He rented a house near Harpers Ferry Under the name of Isaac Smith He brought with him a group of 21 men 16 white, 5 black Attacked on October 16, 1859 Attack was unsuccessful Marines from Virginia arrived quickly Led by Robert E. Lee (soon to be important!) Ten of his men captured, seven killed Brown himself was captured

Brown’s Fate:

Brown ’ s Fate Brown is found guilty of treason and is sentenced to death in November, 1859 He was still proud of his actions as he walked to the gallows He was hanged on December 2, 1859 “ I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. ”

Aftermath of the Raid:

Aftermath of the Raid Nation is split on the event Many Northerners mourned his death They supported his abolitionist sacrifice Southerners were furious at the support he received They viewed him as a murderer and a terrorist Nevertheless, John Brown ’ s name is remembered by all

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John Brown's body lies a mouldering in the grave, (x3) His soul's marching on! CHORUS. Glory Hally, Hallelujah! (x3) His soul's marching on! He's gone to be a soldier in the army of our Lord, (x3) His soul's marching on! Chorus: John Brown's knapsack is strapped upon his back, (x3) His soul's marching on! Chorus

Decision 2011:

Decision 2011 Your job is to decide whether John Brown was a terrorist or a hero. To do this, you first must complete parts I & II on the back of your sheet. Work in groups! Good luck and don ’ t be afraid to break a mental sweat!

Questions to Consider:

Questions to Consider Can you kill people and be a hero? What are the limitations a person has for fighting for what they believe in? Did John Brown exceed those limitations? Are the intentions of somebody ’ s actions more important than the actions themselves?

Target Practice:

Target Practice What was John Brown ’ s goal in going to Harpers Ferry? What are some reasons he is considered to be a hero? What are some reasons he is considered to be a terrorist?

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