The Mexican War Story

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The Mexican War:

The Mexican War Story and Illustrations by: Mr. Wilson

Once Upon a Time…:

Once Upon a Time… …there was a land named Texas. The inhabitants of this land recently broke free from their old ruler, named Mexico, to join a new country, the United States. Old Border New Border

Mexico is Unhappy:

Mexico is Unhappy Once Texas leaves for the United States, Mexico is very unhappy. To make matters worse, Mexico and America can’t agree upon where the border is separating the two countries.

Rio Grande or Nueces?:

Rio Grande or Nueces? The two sides disagree over where the border should be. The United States thinks it should be the Rio Grande, Mexico thinks it should be the Nueces River.

Ready, Set, Fight!:

Ready, Set, Fight! Both Mexican and American military forces occupy the area and have a small battle in which soldiers are killed from both sides. This leads James Polk to urge Congress to declare war! If it is war they want, war they shall get! Send in the troops!

Battles Ensue…:

Battles Ensue… The United States battle strategy focuses on attacking Mexico in many locations and from many directions… Boom Boom Boom

Brave, but unsuccessful… :

Brave, but unsuccessful… At the Battle of Chapultepec the American forces won a major victory that allowed them to take Mexico City the Capital of Mexico. This was the last major battle of the war.

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Lets go sign a peace treaty!

Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo:

Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo To end the war and make both sides somewhat happy, a treaty was signed. To make the United States happy, Mexico ceded what is called the Mexican Cession to America. In return America paid Mexico $15 Million and promised to respect the Spanish speakers in their new land. Everybody got something they wanted!

Happily Ever After?:

Happily Ever After? After this new people met up in the Mexican Cession territory. Some people got along, while others did not. In this area however each culture (way of life) influenced the other as they began to act alike and even create similar types of laws. This mixing of cultures is still seen in these areas in the west.

The End!!:

The End!!