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It would be benificial for my teachers. So again I request you to give me your permission to download this PPT.

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Test Retaking : 

Test Retaking Action Research Project

Slide 2: 

I’m a failure…

Slide 4: 

This is not the goal!

Problem : 

Too many kids “bomb” quizzes Mostly because they don’t study They feel like they cannot succeed in my class It becomes a habit It is the expected outcome! Problem

Literature Reviews : 

Background on Mastery Learning Bloom Rational Why Failure is Bad Drop outs Retention Retake Best Practices Dropping low score Work Ethic Multiple Retakes Written vs. MC Literature Reviews

Goal : 

Increase student learning, especially for slower learners, by providing the opportunity to retake quizzes and non-post-tests. While not compromising skills needed for future success (strong work-ethic) Goal

Policy : 

Can retake if below an 80% And no cheating occurred Retakes will be written exams Can’t earn above an 80% in gradebook Must do remediation work Quiz Repair Sheet More time spent = greater understanding It is up to the student to decide if they will retake the quiz or not Policy

Slide 11: 

I’m still a failure…

My Thoughts : 

Work-ethic is promoted Honesty is promoted Teacher isn’t crushed with everyone retaking Student grade can improve to a fair level 80% isn’t that poor of a score, but also isn’t too high Children are not left behind Unless they choose to be! My Thoughts

Pre-Data : 

Pre-Data Quiz Average - Post-Test Difference

Post-Data : 


Results : 

Student appreciation Fair Like the 2nd chance Lots of students are interested Seems positive overall Work ethic Cycle seems to be avoided With some! Results

Conclusions : 

Uncertain! If beneficial… Should I apply it to all students? Gain back half of all points missed If not beneficial Do I need to be more strict with Repair Sheets? If so, what is the change that needs to occur? Conclusions

Reflection : 

Logistics are challenging Finally found data to be useful to me As an individual teacher Patterns exist Beyond what I anticipated Declining from Quiz 1-2 led to poor PT score Mental aspect of failure More than ability Overall, I felt I learned a lot from doing this! Reflection

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