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Revolutionary War Jeopardy:

Revolutionary War Jeopardy

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100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 Unity Leadership Sacrifice Support Goals Final Jeopardy

Unity 100:

Unity 100 This person wrote The crisis that urged the colonists to support the troops and support the cause for independence. Home

Unity 200:

Unity 200 This is the name for a colonist who fought for independence. Home

Unity 300:

Unity 300 The colonists banded together at this location to stop General Gage from seizing colonial weapons. Home

Unity 400:

Unity 400 What are three contributions of African Americans to the war? Home

Unity 500:

Unity 500 This was the last document sent to King George III that tried to keep unity between the colonies and Britain. Home

Leadership 100:

Leadership 100 This person was the leader of the Colonial Army and First President of the United States of America. Home

Leadership 200:

Leadership 200 This person was the leader of the Continental Congress. Home

Leadership 300:

Leadership 300 This person was the leader of the colonial forces at Ft. Ticonderoga and Ft. Stanwix . Home

Leadership 400:

Leadership 400 This person was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Home

Leadership 500:

Leadership 500 This person was the leader of British forces at the Battle of Ft. Stanwix . Home

Sacrifice 100:

Sacrifice 100 A group of patriots risked their lives at this location outside of Boston in a failed attempt to retake Boston. Home

Sacrifice 200:

Sacrifice 200 This spy was caught by the British after being sent by Washington to gather plans on British movements in New York. Home

Sacrifice 300:

Sacrifice 300 This woman took her husband ’ s place firing a canon when he was wounded. Home

Sacrifice 400:

Sacrifice 400 The colonial army endured hardships when they camped at this location for the winter. Home

Sacrifice 500:

Sacrifice 500 George Washington risked his life when he crossed this river on Christmas morning to capture Trenton. Home

Support 100:

Support 100 This country pledge its support after a decisive battle fought by the patriots. Home

Support 200:

Support 200 This country played a significant role in helping the patriots to win the south. Home

Support 300:

Support 300 This group supported the patriots by providing food, clothing, blankets, and tending to the wounded. Home

Support 400:

Support 400 This battle showed that the patriots could win the war. Home

Support 500:

Support 500 Cornwallis was trapped at this location with help of French forces ending the Revolutionary war. Home

Goals 100:

Goals 100 This pamphlet persuaded the “ fence sitters ” into action against the British. Home

Goals 200:

Goals 200 This document sent to King George III stated the colonies were now separate from Britain. Home

Goals 300:

Goals 300 This person is considered the author of the Declaration of Independence. Home

Goals 400:

Goals 400 This document signed in Europe brought an end to the Revolutionary war. Home

Goals 500:

Goals 500 This person was the first person to purpose that the Continental Congress should declare their independence. Home

Final Jeopardy:

Final Jeopardy Name 3 out of the 5 men who worked in a locked room writing the declaration of Independence. Home

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