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A charity basketball game to benefit Grady's All Stars

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Charity for an Upper St. Clair family Trust to pay for medical equipment/bills Late Infantile Batten Disease A very rare, but fatal disease

Late Infantile Batten Disease and the Grady Family:

Late Infantile Batten Disease and the Grady Family Rare genetic d isease Diminishes physical strength and vision Life Expectancy: 8-12 Symptoms first appeared in their first child, Andrew, in 2007 at the age of 3 Diagnosed officially in 2009 Soon had younger son, Trent, checked and he too was diagnosed In 2010 at age of 3

Last Year’s Event: Hoops for a Miracle:

Last Year’s Event: Hoops for a Miracle ~$2,000 ~$1,000 ~$1,000 ~$3,000 $7,000

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Event Information Date: Thursday, March 22, 2012 Location: Fort Couch Gym and Cafeteria Time: Setup begins at 6:00, game begins at 7:00 Aspects of the event Basketball game Raffles (Adults-baskets, kids-pie teachers) Food Entertainment (possibly)

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Help Needed Players (Boyce teachers vs. Fort Couch teachers) Shift Workers (concessions, raffle stations, admission, etc.) Organizational Helpers Skilled jobs (Announcer/scoreboard, referees, crowd control – yes that is a skill!) Teachers willing to get pied Donations (food/drinks, gift cards) Suggestions (All are welcome!) And most importantly…

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Your Support! Attendance is almost completely tied to teacher support If you can be there great, if not, you can still support both the event and the charity Fundraising Goal: $10,000

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Where do we sign up? Check your email Fill out the form You will be contacted within a week or two with a job assignment related to your request We will have verification of your job the week of the event using a Google Doc spreadsheet (like last year)

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Thank You!

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