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Pop Quiz Surprise!!!

Question #1:

Question #1 Who were the main groups who fought in the Revolutionary War? American Colonists vs. British

Question #2:

Question #2 Who won the Revolutionary War? The Americans

Question #3:

Question #3 Name one advantage that each side had entering the war. Britain- More money, troops, supplies, better military Americans/ Colonists- Motivation to Fight, On their land

Question #4:

Question #4 What are the titles of the two most important pamphlets that Thomas Paine wrote? Answer- “ Common Sense ” & “ The Crisis ”

Question #5:

Question #5 Which battle was the final battle of the Revolutionary War? Answer- The Battle of Yorktown

Question #6:

Question #6 Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? Answer- Because it made the federal government too weak and the states did not work together

Question #7:

Question #7 Law interpreting is to Judicial as law making is to….. Answer- Legislative

Question #8:

Question #8 How is the legislative branch’s ability to pass laws checked by the executive and judicial branches? Answer Executive- President can veto laws Judicial- Supreme Court can determine a law is unconstitutional

Question #9:

Question #9 The Bill of Rights was passed to grant what? Answer- Basic freedoms to individuals

Question #10:

Question #10 What rights are protected by the 1 st Amendment? Answer- Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and the right to petition

Question #11:

Question # 11 What is guaranteed by the 2 nd Amendment? Answer- The right to bear arms

Question #12:

Question # 12 What is guaranteed by the 3rd Amendment? Answer- Freedom from quartering during times of peace, with potential exceptions

Question #13:

Question # 13 What is guaranteed by the 4th Amendment? Answer- Freedom from unreasonable search and seizures