Intolerable Acts

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Trials of the Soldiers:

Trials of the Soldiers Boston Massacre Captain Preston was acquitted Soldiers found guilty of manslaughter Punishment: Thumbs were branded Kent State 8 Guardsmen went to court All were dismissed of crimes Self-Defense

Aftermath of Boston Massacre:

Aftermath of Boston Massacre On the same day… Most of the Townshend Acts were repealed Colonists were pleased, but…. One tax still remained Tea Tax “ There must always be one tax to keep up the right [to tax]. ”


Target I can explain the causes for the Boston Tea Party as well as Britain ’ s response to it.

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Boston Tea Party:

Boston Tea Party Lets Read! Pages 150-154


Recap Boston Tea Party 45 tons of tea spilled into Boston Harbor Done by the Sons of Liberty to show anger over Tea Act Britain viewed this as lawless behavior They were furious and responded accordingly They returned with four acts meant to punish the citizens of Massachusetts “ The Intolerable Acts ”

#1 The Boston Port Act :

#1 The Boston Port Act Closed the Boston Harbor indefinitely Until the East India Tea Company was paid back for their tea losses Colonists were angry Few were criminals, all were punished No one even had the right to testify their innocence

#2 Massachusetts Government Act :

#2 Massachusetts Government Act Made almost all positions in the Massachusetts government appointed by the crown Severely limited town meetings Colonists feared Parliament completely changing their government

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#3 Administration of Justice Act:

#3 Administration of Justice Act British officials charged of crimes in Massachusetts would be tried (in court) in Britain Colonists were angry because they felt that they would be let off the hook Witnesses can ’ t travel to Britain to prove their guilt

#4 New Quartering Act:

#4 New Quartering Act Colonists needed to cooperate in housing soldiers No getting around it this time! Some sources say that soldiers could go into people ’ s houses, other disagree Colonists resented the presence of the soldiers

Unifying the Colonies:

Unifying the Colonies Massachusetts was in trouble The Boston Port Act caused problems for bringing in food Food was shipped up north from Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina This led to a meeting of the colonies

The First Continental Congress:

The First Continental Congress All colonies had delegates attend but Georgia They agreed to boycott all British goods and stop exporting goods there until Intolerable Acts were repealed Each colony was also urged to create its own militia An army of citizens who serve as soldiers


Results… Colonies began preparing for battle Minutemen are formed Trained regularly Ready at a moment ’ s notice to go to battle They were now prepared for battle Next up is, “ The Shot Heard Round the World ”

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