The French & Indian War Part I Planning

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The French & Indian War:

Britain ’ s Disadvantages The French & Indian War

Learning Target:

Learning Target I can identify key disadvantages that Britain needed to overcome in the French and Indian War.

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Delta Force W

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Delta Force Delta Force


Recap What caused the French and Indian War? Disagreement over land ownership Ohio Valley Rivalry It was inevitable! 3 previous battles between France and Britain in America All ended with an uneasy peace

Problem I: Separate or Together?:

Problem I: Separate or Together?

Current Condition of the Colonies:

Current Condition of the Colonies Colonies view themselves as being separate from each other All colonies have their own government Benjamin Franklin came up with a plan! The Albany Plan

The Albany Plan of Union:

The Albany Plan of Union The idea was to create a general government for the colonies Would set up a “ Grand Council ” made up of representatives from each colony Council would have power to make laws, raise taxes and set up defense for the colonies Accepted at meeting, but…

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= Delegates Awesome Idea! Lets bring this back to our colonies! Terrible Idea! No way! Central government, no way!! We aren ’ t sharing power with the other colonies!

Franklin’s Response:

Franklin ’ s Response “ Everyone cries a union is necessary. But when they come to the manner and form of the union, their weak noodles are perfectly distracted. ”

Problem II: Fighting Style:

Problem II: Fighting Style Strategy and Tactics

A. European Battle Strategy:

A. European Battle Strategy Bang ! Bang ! Bang !

Weapons of the Time:

Weapons of the Time

B. Native Battle Strategies:

B. Native Battle Strategies Bang Bang Bang Bang

In Summary…:

In Summary… This war is going to be very difficult for the British to win! New battle tactics used by Natives Disorganization amongst the colonists This war will change America both directly and indirectly forever!

MSQ #1:

MSQ #1 Explain what this political cartoon is saying.

MSQ #2:

MSQ #2 Explain what makes guerrilla warfare so effective.

MSQ #3:

MSQ #3 Why do you think the Albany Plan of Union was not accepted? Think about a few barriers that would exist in uniting the colonies.

MSQ 4:

MSQ 4 List two reasons that only Maryland of the Southern Colonies sent a delegate to the Albany Congress.

MSQ #5:

MSQ #5 Should wars always be avoided, or are they sometimes inevitable? Explain whether you think the French and Indian War could have been avoided.

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