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Warm-Up Why was America looking to use a lot of metal in the 1860s?

Recap Yesterday:

Recap Yesterday Mining industry was important Railroads were needed Made transportation of gold/silver: Quicker (Much faster than animal power!) Safer (Gold & silver were targets of thieves) Easier (Weight of metals) Easier to get supplies to miners as well 1 st Transcontinental Railroad is built Very important!


Steel Making Pittsburgh an Industrial Giant

Why Steel?:

Why Steel? Railroads are growing in importance Steel is a better metal than iron for many reasons!

Learning Target:

Learning Target I can explain why steel was important to the industrialization of America. I can identify the qualities of steel that make it a superior metal to iron.

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Recipe for Steel:

Recipe for Steel Steel is an alloy A mix of metals Starts with iron In molten form Add coke Solid carbon (Heated coal to 2000 degrees!) Add limestone To clean the mixture Blast the mixture with oxygen Add whatever other metals you wish! Ex: titanium, silver, copper

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Modern Fan Mixing Bowl By: Le Gourmet Chef

What’s so Great About Steel Anyway?:

What ’ s so Great About Steel Anyway? Strong yet light The best of both worlds! Very durable Rust-resistant Will bend but not break Very versatile It can be used for a wide variety of things!

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Mixing Bowl By: Le Gourmet Chef

Early Problems:

Early Problems Very costly! Inefficient process Very difficult to produce Why though? Difficult to make! It is a chemical mixture Must be precise to produce good steel Good methods needed! It does not yet exist! This onerous process yielded paltry earnings on account of archaic modus operandi in the field of metallurgy. ? My friend was just trying to say that they needed a better method to create steel.

New Process Discovered!:

New Process Discovered! Called the Bessemer Process Discovered by two separate men Henry Bessemer William Kelly Made steel more profitable! Cost less to produce Took less time Higher quality The steel industry was off and running!

Uses for Steel:

Uses for Steel


Pittsburgh Center for steel Good raw materials Coal Stone Great transportation Three rivers Visionary Businessmen Andrew Carnegie Henry Clay Frick

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Group Work

Steel Super Hero:

Steel Super Hero Think about what made steel such a great alloy Design a steel super hero Include: A name A costume A list of super powers Group competition!

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