Reconstruction Timeline

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Reconstruction From Start to Finish

Learning Target:

Learning Target I can identify the achievements and shortcomings of the Reconstruction period.

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Presidential Reconstruction :

Presidential Reconstruction 1863-1866


Lincoln Had Reconstruction well planned Lenient Plan Freedman ’ s Bureau He is assassinated


Johnson Less strict than expected Helped pass the 13 th Amendment Abolished Slavery Problems in the South during his presidency: Former Confederates were being elected to office African Americans couldn ’ t vote Creation of black codes Congress got angry at Johnson and wanted to take over

Republican Congress vs. President 1866:

Republican Congress vs . President 1866 Issues regarding the 14 th Amendment - Equal protection of laws for A.A. Congress for it Johnson against it Johnson said some bad things Meanwhile 34 African Americans were killed by mobs In Louisiana Republicans took control of Congress

Congressional Military Reconstruction 1867:

Congressional Military Reconstruction 1867 Congress now overpowered President Kicked out governments not ratifying the 14 th Amendment All but Tennessee from the Confederacy Made states: Rewrite the constitution ratifying the 14 th Amendment Grant suffrage to African Americans (15th Amendment) This put Republicans in even greater control!

More Congressional Changes:

More Congressional Changes New politicians moving south Scalawags White southern Republicans Carpet baggers Northern Republicans moving south African Americans Blacks gaining power in office? What will whites do? Whites lost political power and resorted to other tactics to keep their “ White Supremacy ”

Rise in Conservatives :

Rise in Conservatives Conservatives primarily were: White Southerners Democrats Angry at changes made to their society “ This is a white man ’ s country, and white men must govern it. ” Resorted to new tactics to keep their power -Violence -Intimidation They got organized


KKK Ku Klux Klan Started as a social club Turned into a political group Goals of the KKK: Keep Republicans and African Americans from gaining power “ White Supremacy ” Successful for a few years Ended when Congress passed new laws to limit violence at polling places

End of Reconstruction 1877:

End of Reconstruction 1877 In 1870 ’ s Radical Republicans lost power in Congress People were tired of trying to fix the South It was taking too long! Industry was taking over the country Grant ’ s presidency wasn ’ t great either Appointed friends (some who stole money) Lost trust of Northerners

End of Reconstruction Continued:

End of Reconstruction Continued Election of 1876 Hayes vs. Tilden Contested election Hayes promised Congress he would end Reconstruction Congress chose Hayes because of it Another “ Corrupt Bargain ” Reconstruction attempts end South regained control


Legacy + - Slavery ended and African-Americans were legally equal -13 th , 14 th , and 15 th Amendments Positive improvements made in the economy Industrial boom made everyone forget about Reconstruction Racism and discrimination increase - ” White Supremacy ” Poverty prevailed in many regions The job was left unfinished!

Mental Sweat Question:

Mental Sweat Question What were some of the successes of Reconstruction? What were some of the negatives associated with Reconstruction? Who is to blame How could the country end racism? Come up with a plan!

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