Opposing Reconstruction Plans

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Opposing Reconstruction Plans:

Opposing Reconstruction Plans Lincoln, Johnson or Congress

Learning Target:

Learning Target I can explain why Lincoln, Johnson and the Congress had different plans for rebuilding the nation after the Civil War, and how they differed.

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Honest Abe I will rebuild this country with leniency and forgiveness to help us to move on past this terrible tragedy! F 8 S Congress Leniency? They started a war that killed over 620,000 people!! They must be punished!

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Congressional Plan:

Congressional Plan Goal: Punish the South & keep their power in Congress Problem: Lincoln was against punishing the South Wade-Davis Bill Parts to this plan: Confederate officials were banned from the new government States can return to the Union if: A majority of its people take an oath of loyalty (50%) State must abolish slavery

Lincoln says no way! (Pocket Veto):

Lincoln says no way! (Pocket Veto)

Lincoln’s Plan:

Lincoln ’ s Plan Goal: Rejoin the country peacefully & quickly Problem: Many felt the South should be punished Parts to his plan: Amnesty for all swearing an oath of loyalty to the United States States can return to the Union if: If 10% of voters from 1860 take the oath The state abolishes slavery Lenient plan overall!

Lincoln is Assassinated!!:

Lincoln is Assassinated!!

Johnson’s Plan:

Johnson ’ s Plan Goal: Uncertain (Indecisive, always changing allegiance) Problem: He made enemies on all sides Parts to his plan: Follow Lincoln ’ s plan for a quick return Don ’ t worry about the rights of slaves

Johnson was not respected and Congress wouldn’t support him!:

Johnson was not respected and Congress wouldn ’ t support him!


Results… Reconstruction is moving slowly Not a lot is being accomplished Nobody agrees! Who is most affected by the lack of progress? Freedmen (Former slaves) New reconstruction will take place with a new Congress being elected in 1866

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Worksheet Time!

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