Step-By-Step Guide Of Controlling Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

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Step-By-Step Guide Of Controlling Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety:

Step-By-Step Guide Of Controlling Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety


Marijuana users who have developed high tolerance to this type of drug can be facing a serious problem because of the possible withdrawal symptoms that may arise in the event they decide to quit. The usual withdrawal symptoms will arise within the 72 hours timeframe after the last use of marijuana and eventually subside in a week or more. One of the greatest challenges that marijuana users will have to cope is marijuana withdrawal anxiety. So, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get through this mental problem while still on the withdrawal process.

Step #1 – Practice patience:

Step #1 – Practice patience Yes, there is no quick solution to end this addiction problem. You need to undergo a series of process before you can be clear of marijuana and the withdrawal symptoms. I suggest practicing patience is your best weapon to finish the whole rehabilitation program. The withdrawal symptoms will be there temporarily, but will not last long as long as you carry with the detox and drug rehab treatments.

Step #2 – Remain calm:

Step #2 – Remain calm Coping with marijuana withdrawal anxiety can be achieved by remaining calm most of the time. You can try drinking herbal teas to sooth the side effect of feeling stress. Meditation is another way to calm your nerves and mind. You can also try a relaxing massage to reduce the tension around your muscles and at the same time ease your mind with the feeling of anxiety.

Step #3 – Consult a professional:

Step #3 – Consult a professional Doing the withdrawal process on your own may not be a good idea. Consulting a professional like a drug specialist in marijuana could be the best solution to cope with marijuana withdrawal anxiety. This expert can give you medications that will prevent the symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. In most cases of withdrawal processes, the doctor may prescribe Xanax or Valium, both anti-anxiety medications to control the withdrawal symptoms linked to mental problems.

Step #4 – Get enough support:

Step #4 – Get enough support The success of your withdrawal from marijuana is also dependent on the people around you offering support. Find a support group who can be there to show encouragement whenever you are feeling down. For your problem of marijuana withdrawal anxiety, there is an online support group that supports people experiencing anxiety. The 12-step program is also another support that you must avail for a favorable outcome of your withdrawal process.

Step #5 – Engage yourself to some activities:

Step #5 – Engage yourself to some activities Stop being idle because being inactive will compel you to think negatively including the feeling of anxiety while undergoing withdrawal process. Engage to some form of activities that will keep your body and mind preoccupied. Find an exercise program that will lighten up your body, mind and spirit. You can also do activities that interest you like dancing, baking or painting. You can also listen to calming music to ease your troubled mind and ward off the feeling of anxiety. Marijuana withdrawal anxiety is just one of the many side effects that your addiction to this weed could bring during a withdrawal process. With the presence of a drug specialist, support of your loved ones and community plus your determined mind, there is every reason for you to feel motivated to stop this addiction now.


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