How Prescription Drugs Could Become A Nightmare For The Entire Family

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How Prescription Drugs Could Become A Nightmare For The Entire Family


Heroin, meth addiction, and most recently the growing addiction to prescription drugs, can make or break families…most end up broken. Every year we hear news of more and more people becoming addicted to prescribed opioids, leaving many families broken beyond repair. It could be a parent, an uncle or a child in the family that ends up popping pills, everyone will be affected, whether it’s emotionally, financially or socially. Too often we see teenagers and young adults – many with promising futures – being rolled into emergency rooms across Los Angeles, CA due to some severe condition related to prescription drug addiction. The same goes for adults. According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) more people in the city die from overdose of prescription meds than those who die in motor vehicle crashes. Shocking right? In most cases, it’s from an overdose, generally caused by a combination of alcohol and prescription opioids. More rarely, heroin and other illicit drugs are included in the mix. The good thing is that most people who overdose on prescription drugs are saved by a paramedic or a doctor. The bad thing is…most of the time it doesn’t end there. Addiction or abuse of prescription medication threatens much more than the life of the addict.


What Happens To The Family When Addiction Is Involved?


Substance abuse, whether of illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription meds – even by the person the drug was prescribed for – can cause the kinds situations that break families. These aren’t just minor problems; these are thunderstorms terrifying everyone in their paths. An addiction to prescription drugs – primarily pain meds that have a euphoric or sedative effect like oxycodone – can easily become the most important thing in the life of an addict. It becomes an obsession of theirs. And soon after, one or more members of the family may become just as obsessed and entwined with the life of the drug abuser. In addition to the incessant worrying about their well being, social relationships and future, some members of the family may start exhibiting habits and trait that directly contradict their personality, as a reaction to the addiction. Much like the addict, many begin to display erratic behaviours. For instance, the majority of the child abuse and domestic violence cases in Los Angeles, CA today, stems from substance abuse, many of which go unresolved. Some routine behaviours experts at our Los Angeles, CA addiction treatment center have noticed that among people living with an addict, there is:


The Caregiver The caregiver is the person in the family that wrongly believes that they are helping the addict by showering them with food, money and shelter as opposed to addressing the problem. Instead, they ensure the addict has legal assistance should a problem arise. In doing so, they are allowing the addiction to continue, thus creating a bigger issue.


The ” Tough Guy ” This is the optimistic person who appears to be handing the addiction well and seemingly tries to convince others that it will all blow off soon. Meanwhile, the addict will continue his or her destructive behavior, most likely without the willpower to stop.


The Joker Every family has that one member who loves to crack jokes … even when it involves something as serious as drug abuse. The joker is the person who doesn ’ t take the addiction seriously and may go as far as to make jokes with the addict. Clearly, this will not help with the addiction.


The Shadow Even though suffering, the “shadow” never tries to seek help from other members of the family who may be focusing all their attention on the addict. Obviously, this also does not help the addict but instead creates an even bigger gap in the family. Evidently, none of these will be beneficial to the addict, and can all negatively affect the family on a whole. Everyone, from kids to adults and seniors may end up suffering because they’re unable to deal with the events of the addiction – people moving out, domestic abuse and worse.

The Solution :

The Solution If there is an addiction in your family, whether to illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription meds, the best solution is to face it head on. Because drug addiction is a very complex issue, seeking the help of a professional at a Los Angeles CA drug addiction treatment center is always the best solution. If you know that someone in your family is abusing alcohol, illicit street drugs or prescription drugs, whether it was prescribed to them or not, start by contacting Blvd Treatment Centers right away. Our Los Angeles, CA addiction treatment experts understand that family is one of the strongest supports of drug recovery. We acknowledge the effect addiction has on many families and will help you to understand how you can actively help your loved one during the recovery process. If you or a loved one is in need of our assistance, contact us at 1-866.582.9844.


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