Service Improvement Plan

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Service Improvement Plan

Manitoba Telecom Services - 2000s:

Manitoba Telecom Services - 2000s The CRTC met with the various telecommunications providers in Canada and required of them to implement a Service Improvement Plan (SIP)

Altamont Corridor Express - Fremont to Pleasanton:

Altamont Corridor Express - Fremont to Pleasanton The San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission plans to rehabilitate the tunnel as part of their 10-year service improvement plan

SIP - Networking:

SIP - Networking * Service Improvement Plan, provides improved telecommunications services in Canada

Service Improvement Plan:

Service Improvement Plan The 'Service Improvement Plan' (SIP) is a program mandated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to provide a defined level of basic telephone service to all Canada|Canadians, other than those so isolated that it is costly and impractical to reach

Service Improvement Plan - Origin:

Service Improvement Plan - Origin Most incumbent local exchange carrier phone companies in Canada were ordered to submit Service Improvement Plans in order to bring all of their customers up to the basic service objective, and to provide service to unserved customers. Among the companies affected by this order were Northwestel, Bell Canada, Telus, Manitoba Telecom Services|MTS of Manitoba, Aliant|NewTel of Newfoundland and Labrador|Newfoundland, SaskTel of Saskatchewan and Telebec of Quebec.

Service Improvement Plan - Implementation:

Service Improvement Plan - Implementation Projects covered by the Service Improvement Plan include upgrade of long distance circuits (often outdated microwave lines), replacement of central office equipment (again, often outdated), replacement of assorted radio telephone service technologies with wireline service or fixed radio link wireless services providing direct dial capability, and extension of service to unserved customers, again, with wireline or fixed radio link wireless services.

Northwestel - Modernization:

Northwestel - Modernization A Service Improvement Plan (SIP), similar to ones implemented by other Canadian telephone companies, extended basic levels of service to more of the north during the four years starting in 2001.

Northwestel - Unique service area:

Northwestel - Unique service area Again, a further service improvement plan, including replacing a radio-based line service in Upper Halfway River, B.C., and non-compliant microwave radio systems, was rejected by the CRTC

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