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4 Common Trade Show Display Mistakes you Must Avoid Whether you like trade shows or not the fact is that they are an integral part of successful marketing strategies. Hence trade shows are unavoidable business tasks that must be carried out with absolute professionalism and dedication to ensure that you reap their benefits maximally. Preparation before during and after a trade show is key to ensuring that your company prospers from the new connections made and hard earned sales leads gathered. Here are 4 common trade show display mistakes that derail success. Showing up at the trade show unprepared As aforementioned preparation is the first step to having a successful trade show experience. Start by making a checklist a week or two before the event and triple check it before heading out to the show. This helps in gathering all the supplies you need to get through the day smoothly like pens notebooks business cards and a visitors’ record among others. If you are unprepared or uncomfortable during the trade show potential clients may sense this and avoid connecting with you. Moreover it can be complete turn off for other visitors. Outdated or cluttered graphics The graphics world evolves rapidly. So trade show booth graphics that were trending a few years back may be outdated and unattractive. It is important to have bold bright and imaginative trade booth

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graphics that are not too outdated or chaotic. A clear straight forward and minimal message is all that is required considering the fact that most visitors take less than 10 seconds to comprehend who you are and what you do. Therefore minimizing bullets texts and photos makes your display graphics stand out. Leaving the booth unoccupied Unfortunately empty booths are quite common. Every time you leave your trade show booth unattended you risk losing one or more promising business leads that can propel your business to the next level. However if you are lucky to have more than one person at the booth you can take turns to walk around the trade show floor for a face to face interaction with your current clients and vendors. This offers an opportunity to open up next level business opportunities that you might be searching for. Failing to follow up on leads Do not be a victim of spending your company’s marketing resources to plan and attend a trade show yet fail to follow up on the gathered leads. If you are too busy designate at least two employees to focus on following up lead sand wait for the precious business opportunities to unfold. The ideal time to do follow ups is a few business days after the trade show display ends. Summary Making mistakes before during and after a trade show event is common. However it is up to you to learn from your mistakes and those made by others in a bid to maximize future trade show events. Do not spend your time and finances preparing for a trade show and fail to reap its benefits.