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An inexperienced business analyst has been asked to conduct scenario analysis. The notes he made about the topic during his training course are rather disorganized with correct and incorrect assumptions grouped together. Which of the following notes he made about scenario analysis is incorrect A. A workshop discovery technique B. Can form the basis of test scripts C. Explicitly considers exception situations D. Helps to capture tacit knowledge Answer: B Question No 1:-

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A business analyst is in the process of completing the requirements document for a project. She has made the following to-do list of actions to help keep track of her work: 1. Need to amend the description of the scope of the project. 2. Need to record the terminology used throughout the document. 3. Need to add the use cases and the as-is business process diagrams. When she completes all of these actions which requirements document sections will not have been updated A. Data models and introduction and background B. Function models and requirements catalogue C. Requirements catalogue and data model D. Requirements catalogue and glossary of terms Answer: C Question No 2:-

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A business analyst is allocating elicited requirements to an appropriate category in a requirements catalogue. Here are five of the captured requirements: A A sales person must be able to confirm a sales order. B Only customers with a normal status should be permitted to place orders. C The order management system should hold the data for barred customers for five years. D A stock picker must be able to mark an order as picked. E The order management team should be able to view sales orders by time range and status. Which of these requirements will be classified as functional requirements in the requirements catalogue A. A B and C B. A D and E C. B C and D D. C D and E Answer: Question No 3:-

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Below are statements about what a use case model can help the analyst to do: A Establish the scope of a project. B Identify functional requirements. C Understand how data sets are related to each other. D Define the business rules in a process. E Validate how complete a requirements set is. Which of these statements are true A. A B and E B. A C and D C. A D and E D. B C and E Answer: A Question No 4:-

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Question No 5:- A project manager has stated that he wants secure and controlled access to documentation as well as support for impact analysis and traceability in terms of version history. What element of requirements management will offer this A. Change control B. Configuration control C. Configuration management D. Software supp Answer: A

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