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Get C_LUMIRA_21 Exam Dumps Questions Answers 1 0 0 A p p r o v e d a n d A u t h e n t i c V i s i t u s t o d a y

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Exam Outline

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• Manage and apply common processes • Implement and manage accounts payable and receivable • Manage budgeting and fixed assets

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Question No 1: When acquiring new data set using CSV file which of the following option you use to select number and date format A. Edit Data Source B. Advance Options C. Connections D. None of these Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.com/SAP/C_LUMIRA_21-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 2: You can add a hyperlink to an external web page or to another page in the same story. The hyperlink can be added to highlighted text in text boxes pictograms shapes and pictures A. True B. False Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/SAP/C_LUMIRA_21-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 3: Which of the following is default chart type in SAP Lumira A. Bar Chart B. Area Chart C. Heat map D. Donut chart Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/SAP/C_LUMIRA_21-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 4: When you acquire dataset in SAP Lumira which of the following tab is used for data cleansing new calculations formulas A. Prepare B. Visualize C. Compose D. Share Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/SAP/C_LUMIRA_21-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 5: To change the color of charts in SAP Lumira which of the following option you should use A. Lumira Preferences B. Display Formatting C. Change Aggregation D. Data Combine Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/SAP/C_LUMIRA_21-practice-exam-dumps.html

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