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Question 1: Based on the Moody’s KMV model which of the following is not correct A. Growth variables are important for default analysis. rapid growth will lead to lower probability of default and rapid decline will lead to higher probability of default. B. Activity ratios are relevant for default analysis. A large stock of inventories relative to sales will lead to a higher probability of default. C. Only Statement A is correct D. Both the statements are correct E. None of the statements is correct F. Only Statement B is correct Answer: D

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Question 2: Which of the following is not one of the C in the 5 C Model A. Capacity B. Capital C. Covenants D. Conditions Answer: C

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Question 3: Mr. Gopi while teaching the CCRA course to students described Altman’s Model and stated that following variables do exist for Altman’s Model: 1. total debt/total assets 2. retained earnings/total assets 3. earnings before interest and taxes/total assets 4. market value equity/book value of total liabilities 5. sales/total assets Exactly how many variables are incorrectly identified A. Exactly Four B. Exactly One C. Exactly Two D. Exactly Three Answer: A

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Question 4: Statement 1: The Yields on the MBS PTCs are normally higher than the yields on the corporate bonds of similar ratings. Statement 2: The reason for difference in yields on the corporate bonds and similarly rated PTCs is on account of the optionality in the PTC the unfamiliarity of the structure and uncertainties in respect of legal and structural issues. Which of the above statements is correct A. None of the statements B. Both the statements C. Only Statement 2 is correct D. Only Statement 1 is correct Answer: D

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Question 5: Scott is a credit analyst with one of the credit rating agencies in India. He was looking in Oil and Gas Industry companies and has presented brief financials for following 4 entities: Two credit analysts are discussing the DM-approach to credit risk modeling. They make the following statements: Analyst A: A portfolio’s standard deviation of credit losses can be determined by considering the standard deviation of credit losses of individual exposures in the portfolio and summing them all up. Analyst B: I do not fully agree with that. Apart from individual standard deviations one also needs to consider the correlation of the exposure with the rest of the portfolio so as to account for diversification effects. Higher correlations among credit exposures will lead to higher standard deviation of the overall portfolio. A. Only Analyst A is correct B. Both are correct C. Only Analyst B is correct D. Both are incorrect Answer: C

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