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Chikungunya name derived from Swahili word “ that which bends up. in reference to the stooped posture developed as a result of Arthralgia(severe joint pains) Clinical Features :- Fever Rash Headache Arthralgia Nausea Hemorrhagic manifestation-bleeding gums, Vomiting Epistaxis, heametemesis, myalgia Blood in stool- maleana

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Period of illness :-illness is often acute and lasts for 3-5days.may be up to 10days or more. Recovery is usually prolonged and marked by weakness and pain in joints. Incubation period:- 2-12days commonly 3-5 days. Age group:- the disease affects all age groups. Morbidity:- 30-70%of population in affected field/area. Mortality :- Negligible. Virus responsible:- belongs to family togaviradae Genus: - Alpha virus Subgroup :-semilliki forest Venezuelan(SFV)equine encephalitis.

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-;Epidemiology :- Basically recognized as URBAN disease . Clinically very similar to dengue.misdignosis is not unusual. Virus was first isolated in febrile human in Tanzania in 1953. In India outbreak reported in 1963in kolkatta,east costal area i.e.chhenai,pondichery,vellore,vishakhapattanam in 1964. In Maharashtra sporadic cases reported in the year 1973, and year 1983, year 2000 The virus is maintained in nature in man-mosquito-man cycle. Vector- aedes aegypti mosquito through transovarian transmission.

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-: DIAGNOSIS:-;- Isolation of Virus Demonstrating of four fold or greater rise in antibody titre. ELISA testing foe IgM antibody. Diagnosis by RT-PCR Test The antibody titre will be positive after 5 th day of illness only. PREVENTION and TREATMENT and CONTROL:_- No Vaccine available for prevention for CHK. Control is possible by avoidance of mosquito bites reduction in density of vector. Treatment is mainly symptomatic by anti inflammatory drugs. Steroids are not to be used.

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Case Definition of CHK fever Suspect case :- acute onset, high fever,7days duration, severe headache, myalgia, severe arthralgia,with or without rash Probable Case :-suspect case of CHK,high vector dencity,presence of confirm case in the area . Confirmed Case:- Isolation of virus in early phase. Serological test for IgM antibody after 5 th day of illness. Demonstration of 4 fold or greater rise in IgG antibodies in paired sera.

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