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RPA has transformed the world of finance and accounting. From managing repetitive tasks to doing monthly audits to run an account check, everything is so easy with the help of RPA bots. RPA offers a bundle of benefits to the finance industry. To check out in detail check out this presentation or visit: https://www.signitysolutions.com/blog/rpa-in-finance-accounting/


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RPA in FA Benefits Use Cases Explained www.signitysolutions.com/robotic-process-automation-rpa

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Introduction to RPA in FA "RPA is Becoming the Central Point of Focus in the Finance Accounting Industry." The new-age organizations are under incredible stress to optimize costs generate higher ROI and boost productivity. Not to mention the challenges associated with scarce resources lack of skills and increased operational costs.  All these factors if anything have paved the way for the successful adoption of Robotic Process Automation. In this presentation we’d touch upon the benefits of RPA in Finance and Accounting the challenges that RPA aims to fulfill RPA use cases more.

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Benefits of RPA in FA Scalability RPA bots are scalable and can be called forward to manage high volumes of data and answer to a massive influx of queries in record times. Efficiency Upon successful implementation of RPA financial institutions can accelerate these transactions whilst enjoying increased efficiency and reliability of data with minimal errors. Competitive Advantage RPA automation in Finance Accounting directly translates to these subtle yet essential advantages thanks to low integration costs higher accuracy and easy scalability. Innovation in Data The financial and accounting industry can benefit from RPA implementation as it offers deeper insights into business operations via a smart amalgamation of the legacy and new data.

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According to the RPA reports by Protiviti hundreds of financial institutions have successfully employed software ‘bots’. Amongst the study participants 32 of companies consider themselves as ‘RPA leaders’ meaning they’ve employed automation virtually across every function within their enterprises.

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Example of RPA in FA Royal Bank of Canada the largest financial institution in Canada is using smart chatbots for more than a year to improve customer service. Also the Guardian Group has embraced RPA technology in their processes and have seen early success in their journey. The technology has enabled them to calculate copy paste access or use existing business rules to handle use and feed data into the core enterprise application.

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RPA in FA: Use Cases Procure to Pay RPA streamlines the collection of vendor invoices and automatically assigns these to the workers based on a pre- established set of rules. Order to Cash RPA bots log their audit trails facilitating a thorough analysis of sales quotes product orders and more. Record to Report With smart RPA bots you can eliminate manual work and mimic human interactions to record journal entries.

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Bottom Line It’s no secret that Investing early in RPA gives your business a competitive edge by transforming the Finance and Accounting processes. With a decade of experience and hundreds of RPA solutions delivered Signity Solutions is amongst the leading RPA service providers in the industry.  So if you have any queries regarding the RPA implementation process its benefits how it will work for your business just drop us an email at salessignitysolutions.com.

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