Birla Academy Of Art and Culture -Top Art Museum In Kolkata

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Birla Academy of Art and Culture is the hub of varied cultural activities in Kolkata. It is one of the most popular art museum in Kolkata, India. It is the treasure house of profound art, culture and beauty.


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Birla Academy Of Art & Culture – Top Art Museum In Kolkata:

Birla Academy Of Art & Culture – Top Art Museum In Kolkata


The Birla Academy of Art & Culture organizes exhibitions at an ongoing basis of its paintings, graphics and drawings at the art gallery in Kolkata.


Contemporary art lovers are always welcome at the art exhibitions held by Birla Academy of Art & Culture to experience varied art pieces by new age artists on thought provoking concepts.


If you are artistically inclined and want your ambience to be filled with creative artworks, you can select from a wide range of international paintings done by talented Indian and other global artists.


Not every International artworks exhibited by the Birla Academy of Art & Culture are purchasable. Sometimes they are displayed to honour the creativity of the artists. But having a glimpse of it always enriches our creative core.


For traditional art lovers the exhibitions arranged by Birla Academy of Art & Culture features beautiful and artistic miniature paintings done with precision and dexterity by various artists.


Every traditional Indian miniature painting showcased by the art gallery has its own unique theme and is completely evocative.

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