Birla Academy Of Art and Culture - The Best Art Museum In Kolkata, Ind

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Discover Indian art in a novel way with Birla Academy of Art and Culture! If you are looking for one of the best Art Museum in Kolkata you are in the right place.


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Birla Academy Of Art & Culture - The Best Art Museum In Kolkata, India:

Birla Academy Of Art & Culture - The Best Art Museum In Kolkata, India

A Brief Introduction:

A Brief Introduction The Birla Academy of Art & Culture was established in 1967 under the patronage of visionary leaders Shri and Smt. B.K. Birla, to catalyse the growth of art and culture in Kolkata. The Academy, being famous today for its endeavours in artistic, educational and cultural activities, fosters the growth of visual and performing arts.

Major activities of the academy:

Major activities of the academy The Academy primarily focuses on : Collecting , preserving and displaying museum objects Hosting exhibitions of Indian and International Art objects Organizing cultural performances Educational programmes of varied nature Currently the academy holds artworks of many renowned artists of India and abroad. It also hosts cultural performances, workshops, educational programmes, seminars and such kind of event from time to time and contributed in unearthing talents.


Accomplishments The Academy takes pride in hosting a lot of International events, the most memorable being the show of the outstanding French sculptor Rodin; a landmark exhibition for Calcutta. Other notable exhibits included the works of Henry Moore and the Graphics of Picasso. It has also hosted Russian festival shows, German Expressionist’s graphics, French designs and also American, Chinese and British porcelains .


Accomplishments With the active co-operation of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the U.S.I.S. legendary American plays such as “Once upon a Mattress” and “Driving Miss Daisy” had been organized for the enjoyment of the people.

The Ending Note:

The Ending Note The Academy which started as a safe-keeping place for Shri Birla’s Art Collections has grown into a massive organisation today. It surely holds a 40 years old rich heritage within itself and contributes to the glorious saga of Kolkata’s memoirs .

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