Concussions: A Brief Overview

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Concussions are the brain injuries and need immediate treatment. Please visit Gonzaba Urgent care for information about minor concussions treatment in San Antonio.


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Concussions A Brief Overview

The Truth About Concussions:

The Truth About Concussions The least serious, but most common variety of traumatic brain injury . Can be difficult to spot. All athletes are at risk for major and minor concussions. The vast majority of concussions do not cause the injured person to lose consciousness. A loss of consciousness for less than one minute is not an indication of the severity of the concussion . Since children and teens can take longer to recover from concussions , the American Academy of Pediatrics urge parents to take a better-safe-than-sorry approach and assess seriously any injury that results in a loss of consciousness for over 30 seconds.

How to Spot a Concussion:

How to Spot a Concussion Concussion symptoms fall into four categories : Thinking/Remembering Physical Emotional Sleep. M ay experience difficulty concentrating or remembering new information. Balance and vision issues may accompany nausea, vomiting and headache. May be generally more emotional (anxious, easily angered, or sad ). Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much can also be a symptom of a concussion. Minor concussion symptoms may linger for days to months . Children may have a hard time expressing or explaining their symptoms . Inconsolable crying L oss of appetite

Seeking Medical Attention:

Seeking Medical Attention Due to concussions being a brain injury, an injured person may not be in the best position to decide about their medical needs. Family and friends should urge injured people to see a doctor to ensure the level of care matches the severity of the injury. “Better-safe-than-sorry ” approach While Urgent Care can tend to minor concussions , should a concussed exhibit the follow symptoms, immediately seek medical attention at risk of blood clot: Seizure One pupil larger than the other Slurred speech Progressively confused/agitated

Gonzaba Urgent Care:

Gonzaba Urgent Care For help with a concussion Call (210 ) 921-6600 Email [email protected] http ://

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