Who Will Win This Year’s Historical Super Bowl

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This year marks a monumental milestone for the Super Bowl -- the 50 th  anniversary.  Given this historic game in front of us, there is a lot of speculation on who will take home the Vince Lomabrdi trophy this year. The Playoffs are here, and it’s still unclear who will come out victorious. Not fans of the NFL, where the usual suspects are not a sure thing in 2016. Not in this city’s history, where five teams are essentially co-favourites to win the Super Bowl.


It’s very similar to the Tour de France where you have a lead pack, said Jay Kornegay , who runs the Westgate Las Vegas Super book.  The field is wide open as some of these elite teams have struggled along the way. This could be one of the most unpredictable playoff mixes in recent years even after a season where parity ruled in the NFL and the postseason looks to be much the same. Some of the dominant names of the past are in still in the game. The Patriots, Cardinals and Panthers are 9-2 co-favourites at the Westgate to hold the Lombardi Trophy aloft in California next month. The Seahawks and Broncos are behind at 5-1.


Once you include the Pittsburgh Steelers as an 8-1 pick, essentially half the playoff teams are thought by odds makers to have a good chance at becoming Super Bowl victors. According to Jimmy Vaccaro of the South Point hotel sports book, it’s getting to the point where you can’t separate these teams anymore, especially the leaders.  There was a big drop late in the season with the Patriots and Packers, leaving room to move up. It’s not a sure thing for anyone this year, Vaccaro added .


If any other evidence is needed of playoff parity it’s that the two lowest-seeded teams are considered more than just live dogs for the title. Not only do odds makers rank Pittsburgh and Seattle higher, but it didn’t take long after odds were posted recently for both teams to get action from bettors. At the South Point, there was action on the Steelers right away, while at the Westgate bettors quickly jumped on the Seahawks, pushing them from 3 1-2-points to 5 1-2-point favourites at Minnesota. Kornegay adds that it’s unique that the 6th seed in both conferences would be favourites over the 3rd, 4th and 5th seed in each conference .


At the Westgate, the biggest early bet came on Arizona to win it all at 9-2 odds, a bet that will pay off in six figures if the Cardinals are winners. Not getting as much love is Carolina, which hasn’t been a betting favourite even while almost going undefeated in the regular season. The Panthers were undervalued by bookies most of the year, going 11-5 against the spread on the way to a No. 1 seed in the playoffs. That is due largely because they lack the kind of marquee value bettors find in teams like New England and Seattle. If the Patriots or Seahawks had the same type of results as the Panthers, said Kornegay , they would both be considering favourites to win the championship .


One thing bettors and bookies agree on is that Houston will not breeze through the playoffs. The Texans face the longest odds at 60-1, and are 3-point underdogs at home against Kansas City in their playoff opener. Kornegay added that he is not even sure the general public knows the Texans are playing. Bookmakers aren’t too concerned with who wins, though they do have some favourites for business reasons. Teams such as Denver and New England always have good appeal, and Arizona could boost ticket revenue just because the Cardinals are fairly close to Las Vegas .


Last year, Nevada’s 187 sports books took in roughly $116 million on the Super Bowl, but won more than $3 million. It was the second-highest revenue for the game, a number that is expected to be surpassed this year. Vacarro foresees that this may be the most interesting Super Bowl in decades.  Some people think that the Patriots and Packers are America’s team.  These teams and their players are fresh meat in the Super Bowl! While football fans value history, the lack of experience may very well be replaced by first time excitement and action! For additional information and predictions on the Super Bowl 50, check out the  Associated Sports writer Tim Dahlberg who speculates that the Patriots can beat the odds.   


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