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Business Environment : 

Business Environment

What is Business? : 

What is Business? Business may be understood as the organised efforts of enterprises to supply consumers with goods and services for a profit. The purpose of business goes beyond earning profit. It is an important institution in society

Scope of Business : 

Scope of Business Multitudinous activities involved in bringing raw materials to the factory and end product from there to the market constitute a business. Scope of business is very vast.

Characteristics of Business : 

Characteristics of Business Change Vast business canvas Diversification Concentric (HLL – One line co.has several brands) horizontal( Adding new and related products or services: Sony Corps. Conglomerate( Adding new and unrelated products or services) Tata

Characteristics of Business : 

Characteristics of Business Globalisation Information Government Interference Competition

Business in the New Era : 

Business in the New Era Large organisations with a large work force will no exist Businesses will be knowledge-based Information technology is the new buzz word Organisations will become flat. Employees will have no definite jobs

Business Goals : 

Business Goals Vision: Refers to the goals that are broadset, and most general. A vision describes aspirations for the future, without specifying the means. Vision answers the question What do we want to become? (Birla:” To be the most innovation enterprise and the preferred supplier”.) Mission: A vision becomes tangible as a mission statement. It specifies a leader’s belief about an organisation and the direction in which it should move. Mission answers “What is our business?

Objectives : 

Objectives Profit Growth :Add, diversify, integrate, inc. mkt. share, expand market, cut down costs Power Employee satisfaction and development: “If you want to plan for a year, plant corn. If you want to plan for 30 years, plant a tree. But if you want to plan for 100 years, plant men”

Slide 9: 

Quality products and services Market leadership Challenging Joy of creation Service to society Good corporate citizenship

Critics of business : 

Critics of business Has a corrosive effect on a range of cherished cultural values Dehumanises and exploits workers Harms interests of consumers Degrades nature and the environment Has destroyed handicraft and rendered artisans jobless Causes scams and scandals Lend rules, cut corners, bribe officials and challenge existing authority

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