The core value of Building Information Modeling for owners


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The core value of Building Information Modeling for owners The value of BIM for owners focuses on their perspective to adopt Building Information Modeling for various projects. The level of engagement and involvement owners have with BIM is increasing by the day. With various services that BIM firms have to offer in terms of BIM Modeling BIM for design BIM for construction BIM Facility Management and Scan to BIM it is quite obvious that the adoption of BIM will deliver exceptional results for owners. Owners have or can leverage the greatest benefits of BIM Modeling or the complete BIM process. It has huge benefits in the long-run wherein it can constantly help owners garner higher Return on Investment ROI on-time project delivery higher savings less waste fewer RFI’s enhanced on-site safety and more. BIM modeling firms can generate greater positives through enhanced visualization enhanced visualization client engagement design solutions and more. Two of the most important aspects of Building Information Modeling would be 3D BIM spatial coordination and digital fabrication or prefabrication. These two components are key to delivering excellent project outcomes within budget and time. These outcomes can be stretched or

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even taken to 7D and 8D BIM that relates to facility management and decommissioning as well. The present scenario looks at owners being directly involved in the complete BIM process this makes them understand the nuances of this technology and the requirements that are required generate high-quality deliverables and positive outcomes. Building Information Modeling uses specific goals to achieve project results and aligns every stakeholder on the same platform to leverage the value of BIM for every trade. More than 80 BIM users have reported positive values from their use of Building Information Modeling. Owners from various corners of the globe are starting to visualize the full power of BIM implementation. Some are still wondering on what the actual ROI is when BIM is implemented. The adoption of BIM improves their overall process and the project outcomes through time and cost forecasting. BIM modeling firms can better visualize the entire project behind the desk and win more bids. 2019 has seen a great upsurge in the use of Building Information Modeling for transportation projects or infrastructure. According to Dodge Data and Analytics BIM will be adopted on more than 60 of the transportation infrastructure by countries like US UK France and Germany. Top business benefits of BIM include a capacity for firms to do better and deliver better through improved collaboration talent retention skill upgrades faster designing and the ability to offer services and win more projects as well. Top ways BIM improves project outcomes for business owners One of the topmost benefits of using BIM as a process would be the reduction of rework reduced conflicts reduced coordination problems errors etc. Another benefit would be high predictability of cost and understanding the project better through multi-disciplinary communication and collaboration through high-quality 3D visualizations scheduling and cost-estimations. Reduced rework brings down the cost of the project through better understanding and execution. Again design optimization plays an important role in the overall success rate of the project. This in turn improves schedule performance for projects as they grow. Final Words Few recommendations and observations that are required to help owners implement Building Information Modeling on their projects would be – ▪ actively adopting BIM ▪ use BIM planning regardless of any delivery method ▪ stay committed as it increases BIM benefits

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▪ using BIM for facilities management ▪ identify organizational goals and more

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