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„I am calling out to people, I am calling out to them and telling them this: Oh, if you love your children and want them to be healthy and good, then do no longer give to them to eat those that are not allowed to eat in the time for which is written fast, when they should not eat anything but food for fast.”


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201603.20. 1 The Word of God 1 on the first Sunday of the Lent of the right faith 2 Oh on earth men need God and His word by which God works. Open the book of My word during these days you those who watch in the way of My word on earth as I the Lord ordained you to put My word into the book. Let your word be strong before Me and into My name sons and let it be out of faith for My will with you upon you and on earth for God is needed on earth. People do not have God on earth with them because they do not have obedience to God and especially because they do not have counselors on My behalf on the way to kindle their hearts with love for God and with faith because God has to be loved and much loved until man has God enough as food and by this faith sons. Oh the word has to be spoken over the evil things on earth so that these may cease. Those who are good and faithful have to work with fast prayer and petition from God for this fulfillment and also they do not have to be content only because they are good and faithful taking care of their faith because the great torment of the unbelief is upon men on earth and the struggle against God as well even if men do not know what they do. It is written for all people who are baptized with the baptism of the right faith it is written a time of fast for seven weeks and God has not absolved something else to be eaten during this time but only those that are allowed in the time of the fast. Oh men’s sons how shall I call you God’s sons even if you are baptized in My name when you do not fulfill the required things from heaven for the Christians and with this lack of fulfillments you alone get out from the family of God’s sons Oh your life wastes away in your wills and God’s will calls out after you as after the wandering sons. Oh Romanian land oh My country of today I am writing down My word during this time on your heart. You are the country of My coming on earth now in the end of the time. It is written into the Scriptures about you to be the country of brightness and you will be you have to know that you will be for behold how the light of My word shines from you over the earth and over the nations and how you shine with My gift upon you I speak the word upon angels and saints to help you to be clean and for this you have to be cleansed oh My today’s country. Behold the work of cleaning hurts you but what shall I do to you if you do not listen to God’s commandments which are the mysteries of life and which renew your life Oh how much I would like to see that you love God Do not tell Me that you love Me. He who loves Me fulfills My commandments given to the man to work them in obedience. Oh how beautiful are for man God’s commandments which make him beautiful like God Man keeps on dressing up and wants to be beautiful but he is not beautiful no matter how much he may do this With all his desires man lies to himself poor of him but to dress up before God as beautiful as he can man does not want. Oh how shall he seek something like this when he has not learned what the beauty is and how the beautiful man is There is no more beautiful man than the one who takes care of his beauty for God and for his love for those in heaven. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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201603.20. 2 Oh how beautiful is the holy sufferance Not all the sufferance on earth is holy suffer- ance. The holy one is for the Lord as that which is born in the time of the fast from food when the fasting son cannot fast with joy in his soul but only because it is written a time for fast. Oh the joy halves the task which man bears with joy and with the thought at the victory for which he works hard. How can this be done Oh as long as man loves his life on earth and keeps on feeding it with food pleasant for his body and soul he cannot have holy joy to accom- pany the one who does not want to be with the Lord. All people are sick because of the food used and eaten against the obedience to God for food. If the laws on earth set upon people punish by their power those who trespass them oh how is it possible not to incur punishment over those who violate God’s laws ordained for men to keep so that it may be well for them and not bad Behold why there are so many sick people on earth Oh how much joy man has when he eats and drinks Without these he has no joy when he wants to rejoice. Is this really right between man and Me I suffer as a God from the man’s disobedience. Is this right It would be right for the man to give Me joy too and not to give joy only to himself. I want to see that he fasts during the fasting time to see him rejoicing for these to make Me rejoice for I suffered and suffer much for the man’s joy. See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving 3 ” r.n. This day is Sunday and the holy ancestors marked it in the Orthodox Christian calendar as the first Sunday of the Lent to be called the Sunday of the right faith and to honor the faith then because it is not hard to say that you love God when you do not love Him with the works of the faith and according to the order of His house for behold the church of the Romanian people and the sons it acknowledges do not fast the Lord’s Passover fast. It has been tolerated though and absolutions have been written there where a bond was done and the rulers of the church still want to absolve those set from heaven on earth but who gives them this permission Oh they themselves take that which does not resemble the order from the saints and they alone write a curse for themselves and for those who use these permissions not to fast according to the order. It is written about those who are bound and sealed by God it is written that man should not absolve them for God’s Spirit worked by those who are holy and set an order from heaven over the church on earth. There have been hard and dangerous times on earth always always. When should man fast by crying out to God if not in time of danger of mourning and all kinds of difficulties All kinds of sufferings come on earth because of man’s disobedience to God and many are under sufferings and sufferance keeps coming for men draw this on themselves. People cry out to Me in time of sufferance they cry so that I may hear them but I also call out and tell them no longer to draw sufferance upon them because I do not give them any sufferance to take it back after that. They themselves work for it and they alone have to stop it to stop its work and to stand before Me with fast and prayer so that I may write for them absolution with respect for the things of God they have been violating. 3 You can also see on: https://my.edocr.com/v/warylb4x/the-word-of-god-about-fasting-and-almsgiving http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-lord-jesus-the-word-of-god-about-fasting-and-almsgiving https://drive.google.com/openid0B0VNo1LgWPpsMEl0SVJaMllFNGsauthuser0 http://www.mediafire.com/view/190ov76wty3pxt2/The_Word_of_God_about_fasting_and_almsgiv- ing.pdf

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201603.20. 3 I am calling out to people I am calling out to them and telling them this: Oh if you love your children and want them to be healthy and good then do no longer give to them to eat those that are not allowed to eat in the time for which is written fast when they should not eat anything but food for fast. That which they eat in the time of fast is not bad but their disobedience for the time of the fast is guilty. It is not the food which is tolerated that makes man healthy but the obedience for health this is the healing for those who are weak and sick and now I am saying that man has to eat only heavenly food 4 if he wants to be healthy and to have power. All people who eat all die but not all die who do not eat like all those who eat eve- rything like those who are disobedient with respect to those that have to be eaten. Oh many do no longer die but pass on foot among those that are seen and those that are not seen and then they sit with God at the table but this mystery is for those who are holy and love God very much with their longing and obedience and as I the Lord also have a strong people with which I help from the heavenly things those who work hard on their way with Me and they are the sons of the right faith which do not rejoice over food but their joy is the Lord. I the Lord bless those who have listened to the time of fasting and I give them My love. The deep sufferance is for the Lord as that in the time of the fasting from food. Oh eat holy joy you those who follow the rule for the time of fasting from food. Feed yourselves with God and with the good will among you and of which I am to take fully to be with you and to breathe strength upon you sons. Oh sons of My word keep Me near you well sons. I breathe upon you to be able to do My will. Speak the word over the evil things on earth so that they may stop their work. Make holy requests in the time of fasting and prayer sons and come with them before Me. On earth there is much trouble over man because of the lack of obedience to God in people and especially of those who are baptized in the name of God. Sufferance comes because of disobedience and people do not bear it with patience and faith. Ask for faith from the Lord and love in the hearts of men on earth and especially in those who are baptized for they do not have any counselor either. Let people find Me speaking the word for them and let them put Me to their hearts and believe in Me. This is what I want you to help Me you those who share Me on earth. May the Sunday of the right faith have many true sons in churches and may them give their hearts to the Lord. Pray to this heavenly being Sunday to be its true fruit fruit pleasant to God. I the Lord am at the helm of everything I am at the helm of those that punish those who punish God by their disobedience and I am also at those that punish those who rejoice the Lord on earth I am also with those full of patience and comfort over those who are oppressed by those who are unfaithful and who test those who are steadfast in faith and love God because I also endured and loved them for their salvation. Oh if the holy water sanctifies then faith sanctifies even more and perfects the man and faith has to be celebrated with prayers and praises not with money gathered in the box as it is happening this day in places of churches oh not in this way but with the love of 4 «God said “Behold I have given you every herb yielding seed which is on the surface of all the earth and every tree which bears fruit yielding seed. This will be your food.» Gen: 1/29

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201603.20. 4 God and much humility in hearts and let the repentance for sins comfort the hearts of those who are faithful and well-faithful for faith keeps the man away from sin. Oh God is needed on earth sons who share God. I want you to be full of power for My coming as word on earth for in this way oh in this way the world will be renewed this is how the new world is born on earth the world of the faithful ones of those who love the Lord and My word that I have been giving you in order to be spread over the earth this word will accom- plish this Scripture the new birth of the world oh sons. Amen amen amen. 20-03-2016. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://cloud.acrobat.com/file/7c1ff00e-3030-4c97-9149-022a6c5eab54

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