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„Lift up, you gates, so that I may come again into the book with a feast of Epiphany for I want to be baptized in My word, all those who believe in My coming of nowadays, ...”


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2008.01.20. 1 The Word of God 1 at the synod of the Saint John the Baptizer 2 In the spirit of the feast of Epiphany I the Lord meet My people again for My feasts and the feasts of My saints became and become paths of My Spirit’s coming down the One Who is a Teacher over the sons and behold John My godfather of baptism waits at the border between day and night to receive Me and My people in heaven and on earth up and down as the whole heaven waits for the saints. Amen. Lift up you gates so that I may come again into the book with a feast of Epiphany for I want to be baptized in My word all those who believe in My coming of nowadays for he who is baptized is the faithful one of My being of true God from true God and is faithful to the work of My word by which I came and come down on earth and then to tell the one who hears Me through the gates to tell him to be baptized in My word in My Spirit as John My Baptizer spoke at Jordan to those who came to him and he told them this: «Repent» Amen amen amen. – Oh Lamb God I entered at once into Your book with Your people for I have been waiting for this as one full of longing and confessing spirit for there is no sweeter happiness in heaven for Your saints like that for them to be able to confess You from heaven on earth by Your coming of now with Your saints. And I like You speak to Your people likewise and to every man who takes us from the wedding table of Your word and I tell to all those who hear from heaven the voice of God’s Son the trumpet for resurrection I tell them to be baptized in God’s word because I told those who came to me to the water of Jordan for baptism I told them: «Repent I indeed baptize you with water for repentance and for the forgiveness of the sins by your repentance but He Who comes after me is mightier than I am and He is the great One and This will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and with fire. Oh how shall we do Lord baptizer how shall we do Lord to bring the man to repentance and then to the baptism in the Holy Spirit When I was preaching the kingdom of God in the wilderness of Judea which was coming closer to the Jews to comprise them in it I was calling to repentance those who were hearing me and Jerusalem and Judea and all the surroundings of Jordan were coming and I was baptizing with water those who were confessing their sins with repentance but I also saw the Pharisees and the Sadducees that they were coming to baptism and I seeing that they were cunning I stopped them and I told them to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance if they did not know to repent for the baptism with water and because they relied on Abraham in a hypocrite way then I stood against them and told them that God was able to raise up children to Abraham even from the stones and I called them offspring of vipers and I rightly called them like that those who believed that would get away anyhow from the wrath that was to come upon those who worked it out and not their salvation and then they went to their own busi- ness not giving up their sin in them the sin of their haughtiness and of not loving of God the sin from ancestors and by which the Jewish people were sending the righteous ones to death in order for them to make room with their kingdom under the name of Abraham’s sons but they were off- spring of vipers Lord for when You came down on earth they followed You up to kill You even from the time of your infancy Lord and they did this after they found You out from me that You came out and appeared and then You confessed for their salvation too and they gave You to death afterwards by the sin of blasphemy and treason Lord. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2008.01.20. 2 Oh I speak to Your people of today a word of love for You my and its Teacher and You bless now my word – Amen amen I say to You My Baptizer I am the One Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire and you should speak about this mystery and power of this baptism and should preach it to My people of today. Amen. – The Lord Jesus Christ is the One Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire. See the selection topic: „About baptism” r.n. Come closer to my testimony people born of the word of God for the baptism with the Holy Spirit worked with power and He worked visibly after the Lord went to be with the Father and He ordained His disciples to establish the Lord’s church on earth and the Holy Spirit was perfecting Himself in those who came to repentance and then to the water of baptism to the forgiveness of their sins and those who were baptized in the name of Christ were seized by the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless how did that come about Oh blessed is and blessed is again the one who comes to know how to come to God for that one is the one who repents confessing all their sins all the death in him washing away from it by repentance and by the water that testifies from the earth and then that one joins in with the work of the Holy Spirit becoming a new vessel a new man and the Spirit testifies then from heaven and He glorifies Himself with His sign in the one baptized with the Holy Spirit and behold the Lord ascended to be with the Father so that He might sent the Holy Spirit to come down into those who clean themselves of their own self and in such a way that the Holy Spirit might be able to come in them God’s kingdom with all its glory with the Holy Spirit in them the spirit of the saints of the kingdom of the heavens on earth and I speak again: Blessed are those who know how to come to God for they will become the sons of the Holy Spirit and they will be called so after that. Amen. Oh people of the slaughtered Lamb His blood washes away from his sin the one who knows what the birth from heaven means the birth from repentance and from the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Oh look well into your midst and see The sings of the Holy Spirit speak in those who have wanted to be vessels bearing of God. If you have sinned against this work of the Lord’s coming in order that through it He may make sons of His kingdom on earth among people sons exhorted and grown within the Holy Spirit get up and become a son of God for the Pharisees and the Sadducees were offspring of vipers when they went to be baptized with water at Jordan without them having washed their hidden sins in water and by confession with repentance and by which they were biting by stealth but the spirit of prophecy proved them out as they were and wrote them down into the book of the time. Oh get wisdom from this parable and learn the power and the mystery of the baptism with the Holy Spirit Who brings the evil from man into view to cleanse a threshing floor in man for Him if the man knows to understand how he can choose God working in him working with the Holy Spirit in the one who discharges his load in order to take that of the Lord’s and then to carry it. Oh son of this word oh son of God if you have sinned against the Holy Spirit the One Who works into your midst for you and you do not know that you have got this sin then I tell you that you have it. Therefore get up and cleanse yourself by your repentance worked in humility for the Lord is waiting for you to be a bearer of the Holy Spirit the Spirit Who testifies from heaven in those who are baptized in Him. Get up in order to be baptized with this baptism for this baptism has become a big river over to you so that all those who reach this river may be baptized and you have this river. See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life” r.n. Many in you faithful people of this word of the Lord’s coming many in you do not know the power and the mystery of

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2008.01.20. 3 the baptism with the Holy Spirit Who works then from man sealing the one who he is baptized. Oh you need power of repentance son and for this miracle you need a miracle mind miracle love miracle for the fear of God and you need miracle faith faith like that of Abraham who believed steadfastly that the Lord came to him at his table and in his life. Oh if you do not see God’s work into your midst well then you still have sin against the Holy Spirit. If you do not know how recognize yourself in this sin then you can understand alone. Does the river of the Holy Spirit flow from you between brother and brother and then over to the sides over those who are away from God’s life Do you understand God’s will upon you on earth as in heaven Has the Lord fruit of the Holy Spirit in you Do you have the Lord’s fruit in you and around you Are you gentle and humble in your heart like your Lord Oh I teach you wisdom and I teach you repentance. Seek to see that you may not struck in the Lord’s way to you if you were not hidden then with this blows and when the Lord told you that you did not want to cleanse yourself to be clean and then to be faithful to His establishment by which He stays before you. The Lord has exhorted you to come to Him with your brother whom you knocked down from the work of the clean heart between brother and brother between God and Christian for behold the Lord has been mourning even to this day over the people of old that of the time of the Verginica’s body Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia the sixth apocalyptic trumpet - see selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets” r.n. a people that has not come to repentance when it has gone wrong towards the Lord’s work between brother and brother concerning his faith and steadfastness and concerning his brother’s faith and steadfastness. The Lord is coming to you greatly and urges you to get baptized with the Holy Spirit Who makes the man new more than the water that testifies on the earth. Oh get washed in this vessel old people of this word and you the Lord’s people of this day and you too should hear what I speak to you. You have to be beautiful people through the work of the Holy Spirit Who dwells in those who are clean from themselves and from the sin against their brothers. Oh come to the beauty of the Holy Spirit’s face for the Holy Spirit overflows itself when it is and this is the sign of those who are clean for the Holy Spirit Who is confirmed by their fruit brought to God fruit of disciples for the Holy Spirit on earth. Amen. Oh Lord let Your old people of this word cleanse itself and also let Your people of today from everywhere cleanse itself from what makes You suffer and let it learn the work of the same spirit in them the work of the Holy Spirit Who binds the church in one spirit the Spirit of Christ. Amen. Oh I would speak much more Lord oh I would exhort more Your people to the baptism that comes from You From everywhere where You have faithful sons of Your coming of nowa- days I would like the people to come together in a union of Holy Spirit and let it know in this way its work or its lack of work the cleanness or the lack of cleanness of its heart and let it be baptized in this way in the power of the Holy Spirit diligent worker Lord by the spirit of church over those who are born of Him as God’s sons the sons of the Holy Spirit the fruit of the Holy Spirit the Spirit Which gives birth to God’s church. Amen amen amen. - I the Lord see your affliction My Baptizer for We are the sons of grief and that is why We are. Let Us sit down at the feast of today and then We will speak more passionately with My people of today. Amen. My people go now into the house of My trumpet with praying and with praise for the day of the synod of John My baptizer. Go son and then settle there a day of praise a day of spirit

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2008.01.20. 4 over that settlement sanctified by My word now a newborn hearth with work of new Jerusalem established on it. Amen. We will come then back to the mound and we will build upon you the work of the Holy Spirit and then we will write the entire book of the day for it is the work over the entire work of My people from everywhere. Oh there is much work to do much very much for the face and for the whole life of My people from everywhere. You children from the gates are in difficult hardships for the people does not know to do its cleaning well. Those who know to stay well near you those are the most grown ones and the most useful to Me and to you under My burden of today with you. Behold I tell My people from everywhere a great mystery: The One who does not know or cannot work at My kingdom which is built and which has built now on earth at least let that one not crush the work of those who work at it over the man. This is what we are going to clarify today by the teaching of the feast of today working this in a spirit of Epiphany. Amen. I leave peace and spirit of Epiphany over the head and over the heart of My people and I will teach My people again for I am the Lord the Teacher. Amen amen amen. … 20-01-2008. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://app.box.com/s/aaxs5e9s61shgth5dspd

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